10 things that are just soooo over

We often don’t appreciate that things are over or over-rated until long after they have sagged, rusted or wilted. Here are ten things in our commercial (and occasionally personal) lives that may just have had their day:

  1. Confidentiality – it’s going to get out anyway, so get out in front of it, be open and honest, and earn respect for it
  2. Caution – in times of economic uncertainty, be decisive and prompt – caution merely ads to the glue and makes it stickier still
  3. Analysis – as you head towards the inevitable paralysis by analysis that economic uncertainty hails, hold onto the gut instinct and intuition that created your preferred path – and take it
  4. Data – get enough to make a decision, if you don’t want to make a decision go and get some more, and then use it to justify whatever decision you wanted to make anyway – or better still, trust yourself
  5. Collaboration – there is a place and time for working together, and a place and time (of your choosing) for playing things around in your own thoughts… just ask Zarathustra, he will tell you (in his own time)
  6. Plans – they are built on assumptions and definitions that may be wrong, and all too often result in rigidity and stubborn commitment – be prepared to consider a flex and modify your course based on the changing information that becomes available to you
  7. Tablet technology, and other “must haves” – use what works for you, and get the tools that support you – don’t make the way you work a product of the technology available – if a notepad and pencil works best for you, it’s a notepad and pencil you need
  8. The office – it will probably still be there whether you are in it or not, so take the chance to work when, where and how it is best for you, break the tie and lose the tie
  9. Silence – actually, we want to hear from you, so speak up
  10. Lists – just got to be, haven’t they?

Not sure what I would do without lists, mind you.

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