12 for 2012 – easy stuff, no excuses

Mind already numb with glib resolutions and utterly pointless predictions? Already feeling slightly overawed by there being a whole year ahead of you before you can write a retrospective? Here are a dozen things to do in 2012 that are achievable, make sense, and wont all need to be completed before Friday:

  1. Work smarter, free some time each day and recognise that its your time – and then use it for your own projects and interests – once its gone, its not coming back
  2. Take all your annual leave – if you are carrying any forward to 2013, you haven’t rested or enjoyed yourself enough
  3. Add variety to your day – it’s as simple as taking a slightly different route occasionally, getting your coffee from a different café, working at home for an hour and then leaving the house – nothing complex, small steps at a time
  4. Invite yourself into a new (related or unrelated) network – or create one – and meet a whole new group of people
  5. Experiment – do something you have never done before, or do something you do regularly in a different way
  6. Start a blog, even if it’s just for you in the early stages – transmit your thoughts to text, as seeing them in front of you – published – brings them to life and helps you refine them… and when you are ready, share them
  7. Inbox zero – who wants to stare at a list of requests, instructions, reminders, and general garbage? Most of the important messages come through other channels now anyway….
  8. See more of your children – or if you don’t have them, the family and friends you have been neglecting – and modify your working day to suit – either way, stop making excuses
  9. Listen more – inspiration is all around you, curb the urge to speak and just take in what you hear – and listen to the stories of others
  10. Tell more stories – when it is your chance to speak, be more interesting by turning your experiences into stories, and sharing them as stories – if you struggle with the format, get some help from the great storytellers you know, or just listen to the way they do it and try and make your experiences fit… people may listen to you more
  11. Walk – movement stimulates thought, so get off the bus a stop early or better still don’t take it at all, get some more oxygen to your brain and make it more productive
  12. Carry a notebook and pen with you at all possible times – when you have a great idea, don’t let it go – especially when you get to the end of the walk that replaced your bus journey – your pockets and bags don’t need to be just full of gadgets

Off you go, it’s the 4th already. There are a lot of people counting on you.


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