A manifesto for everyone

Work – it should be simple….

Look me in the eye and say “good morning”

Know my name, even my first name

Listen to me, sometimes

Trust me to do what I say I’ll do, because I want to get it done well

Take an interest in what I am doing, even if you are only interested in the results

Consider the challenges I face, they wont be the same as yours but they will be just as important to me as yours are to you

Ask my views on something – anything – just because

Cut me some slack sometimes, I may not always be at the top of my game but may just need a little space – I’ll be back

Understand that I have a life, however simple and dull my stories would have you believe, outside of this place

If I come up with an idea that saves or makes you money, let me have a slice – I may be inspired to think of another one

Balance the view that sometimes I want to get on, and sometimes I just want to be

If I’ve taken some time off because a family member is unwell – remember, and ask me how they are, it can be a lonely place

Make allowances for the fact that I am human – vulnerable, emotional, unpredictable – and don’t behave like the machines and computers all around us – you can’t just reboot me, you might have to talk to me

Tell me how I’m doing – not once a year, but regularly – and give me some tips from your experience of how I can do better

Allow for the fact that I am probably not as bright or resourceful as you

Let me talk to my mates about the football at the weekend – we get a buzz, we feel good, we work harder

Make sure the place and the stuff I work with is safe, my kids want me home in one piece

Talk in a language I understand, not management guff (like forget “objectives” – what do we need to get done?)

Give me the stuff I need to do my job – I can’t cut down trees with a rusty penknife, or even a sharp penknife

Ask me how my weekend was, even if I would rather not tell you or I can’t quite remember

Make sure I can have a decent cup of tea and a healthy(ish) lunch while I’m here, and that I wont owe you more for it than you pay me

Say “thanks” – it makes me feel good, and if I feel good I try harder

Buy me a beer once in a while, I won’t spill it

And if all that happens – work will be great for us all


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