A remembrance

We remember, but we forget all too quickly never woken as we are by the dismal dawn whistle,
our only no man’s land an uncertain strategy
and not the ripping, shredding certainty of an end far from home, hungry and solitary;

We talk productivity but for 40 million taken needlessly
the choice to make instead of batter and break in bleak self preservation
would have been a revelation, they may even have toyed
with an idea hatched with those, they instead, destroyed;

We talk of the wonder of technology but for 1500 days
we innovated only ways to main, kill, nullify, every creative shred
devoted to the mechanics and dynamics of the seemingly infinite number of ways
we could envisage our enemies, dead;

We talk generations in the workplace but for decades
Ghosts and shadows moved amongst us, shuffling through type and note,
Filling every empty seat, a wayward staple or the sharpened tip of a pencil
the only risk, office danger’s only potential.

We talk stress, but can only ponder the raw-peeled nerves
from an ordinance storm, a thousand pounding shells
shattering our delicate drums, and the eerie wonder between the crackle
of lead bees passing, of whether we’ll know anything about it when it comes;

We magnify our concerns to fill the space that a lost generation left us,
They would have delighted in our vacuous worries,
Meetings, interruptions, agenda, and bloody hell our coffee’s lukewarm
When all they dreamed of was a bed that’s dry and warm;

That seat at the table you longingly crave –
save it for them,
for all they selflessly gave.


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