I’m Neil Usher. I’m a property, workplace and change professional with 25 years’ global experience in the unlikely mix of media (music, film and broadcasting), technology, consulting, engineering and mining sectors. My most recent role, to the end of May of this year, has been almost four years at Sky, creating a workplace I’m rather proud of, Sky Central. The career journey is at my LinkedIn page.

I believe everyone deserves a fantastic workplace, and that through simplifying and demystifying our profession, this is achievable. I developed the idea of the #elementalworkplace to show how it can be done.

This blog has been going since 2011. I’m now turning workessence into an advisory business, focusing on people-centred workplace and change. The blog will continue, and may even find a new freedom of expression: what I say will now be the views of my organisation.

You can reach me at neilusher@hotmail.com.

Why workessence?

Work: we all believe we understand, but we are constantly mystified and tormented by it. Work can inspire and deflate us in equal and opposite measure. It is part of the human condition, but our understanding of it remains infuriatingly proportional to its increasing complexity.

Essence: is the attribute or set of attributes that makes something what it fundamentally is, without which it loses its identity. Sometimes considered to be synonymous with the soul, essence has been the subject of philosophical discourse for many years.  For this blog however, the essence in question is the very heart of work, the six facets that comprise and define it – what we do, why we do it, how we do it, where we do it, when we do it and for whom.

This blog aims to help us at least understand the phenomenon of work a little more.


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