Barefoot in the heart: part 2, the gen y

we’re going to transform the world you know gen y not sure when actually we’re already changing it because we’ve been talking about it over the gaggia and we are the change we want to be in the world or whatever that means some guy called ghandia and that includes the workplace going to shake you out of your malaise and your complacent glaze you think we’re your slaves but I got this new role management trainee modern apprenticeship industrial conscript it’s a sustainable company wouldn’t want to work for anyone not green enough wanted to work for them since I was nineteen even though it’s not really explainable because they make stuff in vietnam but they say they don’t do anyone any harm no-one sweats and they said I can travel the world carrying bags hailing cabs who wants to talk over the internets and we do loft living closer to the stars looking at life through a velux okay so its mum and dads house and the windows have bars but who cares a mortgage sucks don’t want to get bored trapped blogged down am going to live in the centre of town when I can afford it suburbia is so claustrophobic me I’m a digital native binary creative fourth dimension ruminative we can multitask behind this vegetative mask we rock positively pulsating we can’t help it if you find it frustrating you have to learn to manage us and motivate us and we’re not devoted to the organisation like your generation ecks we’re just going to sit in the middle of the road with our arms folded and not text until we get promoted command and control is so last century even though I’m on a disciplinary  a first written warning for insubordination okay so you were a punk and you’ve got a faded photo of yourself in a hard pose with red hair and a safety pin through your nose about to spit thought you were revolutionary but didn’t get you much more than another step towards a coronnary and we’ve got fifty shads and you’re just missionary and this taylorism is all to blame heard this fella got us into all sorts of schidt seems it’s a relentless masochism but he hasn’t been england manager for years and didn’t he have an umbrella anyway its no a cliché but one day am going to go do an mba in the usa because all my friends say they want to at least the ones in idaho on facebook do anyway but in my heart I am barefoot my soft uncertain steps unheard no trace I was ever here not a word not even a twitch from behind the curtain temporary a flickr in a world of instant gratification arrived at an empty station 7.42 to waterloo just departed my existence vapour my vision of world domination fame and fortune just a broken hearted three minute slot on television an early round eliminated picked the wrong tune see me hear me it’s what I am not what I’m not

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