Barefoot in the heart: part 4, the middle manager

still looking my age or just about first in last out get about mark out my terrain engage stakeholder before brain paid to take responsibility only they call it blame just as long as I’m seen to be there jacket on the back of the horizon got to look like I really care about the three-pronged dominion efficiency effectiveness optimisation bigger slice of the cake no place on the settee for opinion or authenticity when there’s shareholder value at stake we measure in effort compulsory discretionary and if that doesn’t work disciplinary fuels my upward only mobility ready for promotion in a year of sundays if I can just keep my rampant fear of the ever-tightening maze under control got to know when to put your head above the parapet frightening don’t want to end up thinking or sprawled biting the moquette cancelled our holiday in phuket wife was appalled but don’t want to miss anything vital never missed it yet you see the middle is the ideal springboard toward the seat at the fantasy top table with my name on its the motivation I’ve always needed the ultimate reward for the years of unheeded and beaded sweat my kind we’re the viscous glue that’s holds it all in place the meniscus on the glass half contained solid dependable restrained can’t do without us but cloaked in anonymity always the first to get carved by definition upendable belief in our validity suspendable while in my head still hope but in my heart I am barefoot treading quicklime courting the steady beat of time as the tide turns exhorting its retreat depicting scenarios in my constricting imagination given only to suppose that on a scale of heady domination to defeat the clue is already softly lapping at my feet


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