Barefoot in the heart: part 5, the consultant

pure crispy white shirts arrayed you can afford to have your ironing done when you’re an overpaid insecure overachiever day dream unbeliever it’s another do-or-die day another stripey tie tortoiseshell specs the non-threatening soft sell flex so much to convey just hope they don’t try and take my whiteboard marker away would be like losing a limb or an eye its fundamental control of the flipchart is essential rule the room rule the kingdom rule the roost only one rule of uptight club and that’s keep hold of the pen it’s the battle standard of the corporate arena been invited in more of a subpoena some assumptions need validity to give credibility to what’s already been proved you need the sublime objectivity of the masters of the one stage removed they call me Clive the deep dive the cliché pastiché all the powder puff sugar puff guff you could want for three big ones a day plus unreasonable expenses only the invoice is free not my choice because cristal’s expensive but it’s all about the ability to pay left my mulberry in the wine bar got another one so going to have to wing it next day but cut and paste never failed me can’t let a solution someone else paid for go to waste when I’ve got everyone’s attention I am the master of velvet infection incisive decisive never divisive conflict is for the client flirt with it then skirt it got to remain compliant another retention to nail another scope to creep I could do this in my sleep often do wish to heck and hope someone would stop me but they thirsty pup it all up would be an even easier ride if I got paid by the slide they emerge from my backside with six sigma glide converge in a box of ticks in a box yet in my heart I am barefoot I can whoop your strategy and grant you license to proprietary legitimacy but my shoelaces remain a deeper mystery I would sell my soul to highest bidder but you can’t kid the kidder I’m soaring on the steroid of those too paranoid to breathe without my stamp of approval my liver pickled my arteries alluvial and at the end of the vast polished catwalk the gaping loveless occlusal on a day that looks and sounds more like any other day than any other day just can’t find an excuse to get dressed possessed by opinions on request but lost for anything to say

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