Humanity is a brand

In the midst of a discussion about branding a workspace, I found myself pleading the cause of humanity, and the need for comfort, warmth, welcome, ease. At which point came the realisation that we overlook the fact that humanity is itself the most important brand of all.

Consider the characteristics of a successful brand.

We are clear about – and continually communicate – who we are, what we stand for, what we offer – and why.

We are authentic, and even when behind a mask eventually reveal ourselves.

We are carriers of emotion, are driven by emotion, and make an emotional connection with one another and the environment around us.

We are of the same consistent genre, attracting loyalty and commitment – but each entirely unique, retaining an element of mystery and surprise.

We are full of energy, passion and life.

We stimulate all of the senses – sometimes we appeal to them.

We create so many conversations.

We have longevity, driven by evolution, adaptation and innovation.

Our very existence changes others.

In any environment, the overriding brand we see, feel and experience has to be human. Or what is it for?


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