I need an office

I need my own office.

My work is highly confidential.

I spend all day on conference calls.

I spend all day in meetings. Too.

Eric Smith in Mergers & Acquisitions has an office, and I am more senior than him.

I have a team of seven direct reports.

I need to concentrate. A mistake could cost the company millions.

My visitors expect me to be in an office. Or I would lose face.

I start early and work late.

I have been here for twenty years, I have earned it.

I can’t afford to be disturbed. It could cost the company millions.

I have a lot of work papers. Legally they have to be kept in hard copy.

I am naturally territorial. Like other humans.

It’s fine for you young people. But I am too long in the tooth.

FastCompany say that we all need our own office. Apparently it’s a good website.

I talk very loudly. It would be unfair to disturb others.

I am an introvert. And someone wrote a book about it.

I am agoraphobic. But not claustrophobic.

I can’t afford to catch a cold, and be off sick. It would cost the company millions.

So, I need my own office.

Are you writing this down?


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