Jumping someone else’s train

In a bold move that has shocked the hipster community, LooChoob, manufacturers and distributors of vital cardboard toilet roll inners, has pushed ahead with the conversion of the company to ochlocracy.

Replacing traditional hierarchies and management structures with the irregular assembly of a fickle, angry mob demanding things, they have once again demonstrated why non-one has actually heard of them.

“By adopting a pathological approach from the outset we stripped out multiple layers of corporate deterioration through misguided decision making and lack of training and development, hence getting right out ahead of the competition” said Larry Schlepp, mob ringleader (formerly Chief Executive). “Those guys at Zappos who’ve done this holacracy thing, but that’s all very well when you’re making flashy lighters. We are a traditional business, being trendy for its own sake. We are installing a slide, too, like everyone else.”

After a short break to quell a civil disturbance at the tea point, Larry returned to the gazebo. “We modelled this approach on what’s really happening out there. You know, in social media, places like Twitter. The term has been around since the 1600’s so it was high time we pretended it was something new and claimed it”.

Challenging the top-down tradition, ochlocracy is a sideways-in approach, allowing emergent ideas to surface and gain credibility if enough people are really miffed about them. Work attains a new meaning, defined by ill-informed collective prejudice and unpredictable knee-jerk shifts in power. Stress-tested across centuries and continents, it has proved one of the most resilient methods of dispute resolution. Even if it created most of the disputes in the first place.

“We wanted to make the organisation more like people.” Larry paused thoughtfully.

“And let’s face it, they love a bandwagon”.

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