Other voices

Occupiers – managers of workplace and services – how do you want your discipline to be viewed by those on the outside, looking in, when they pick up an industry publication or stumble upon a blog?

If you don’t create the reality you wish others to perceive, then the vacuum will be filled by those prepared to. And that means sales, marketing, promotional functions and consultants. From the trade journals – written, as they suggest, by the trade – to the publications purporting to be serious – complete with pie charts and graphs, and the requisite inner-jacket-pocketful of knew terminology – what you see is what you elected not to beget. Hear about why serviced offices are great, from a serviced office provider (and we can now add Workplace-as-a-Service to that other trashcan sinatra, Activity Based Working) – why a workplace should be designed just like the authors latest project – or why the future of work is likely to be just like the way the writer works. Gripped? Well, consider:

If you don’t take part, you can’t be critical of that which fills the void.

If you don’t share your thoughts, you are in no position to take issue with those who do.

If you don’t offer to write, others you won’t want to read will.

If you open a publication to find “experts” pontificating on matters in which they claim prowess, with a “how to get in contact” at the end, you allowed them the time and space to do so.

If you think you cannot write without compromising yourself, you haven’t tried hard enough.

If you think that attending a conference twice a year where others choose what you listen to will help you grow as a professional, try remembering what was said two days later, and consider how useful it really was.

If you claim you’re too busy, there will be others who see the value in using their time to share their thoughts. You probably still attended the golf day.

If you don’t think it matters, you are disenfranchising yourself.

If you stay silent, your silence counts for nothing.

Having a voice has never been more possible. Will you still rather let other voices be heard instead?

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