Paper crown

To the tune of Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl, 1949) – which interestingly for the BBC was originally written about Salford
As performed by Doug Shaw at the “stop doing dumb things” unconference, 23.11.11

I left my post
For the third place way
Made a slice of toast
And coffee last all day
I was so engrossed
I forgot to pay
Flexible clown
Flexible clown

I challenged all
Of the same old ways
An office wall
And nine-to-five days
Then I got the call
They put me out to graze
Spiralling down
Spiralling down

So I left the yoke
Of the corporate see
For the commercial joke
That’s consultancy
Now I’m totally broke
But I’m wild and free
Paper crown
Paper crown

So I’m on LinkedIn
And Facebook too
I blog, and I’m tweeting
Till my face turns blue
I write and sing
I’m called @dougshaw2
Talk of the town
Talk of the town

Threw my paper crown
In the River Thames
So this is where
My story ends
In a dirty old town
And a beer with friends
Falling down
Falling down

I’m king of the town
If I’ve got my friends
Paper crown
Falling down

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