Guest post: PEACEwork – world peace through workplace design

BY: Steve Coster (@stevecoster33)

We are proud to bring you the latest in workplace strategy – PEACEworkTM

PEACEworkTM brings together the best and most cutting edge strategic thinking to deliver the ultimate organisational outcome through workplace design – world peace.

Incorporating innovative new strategies for consulting with and facilitating the aspirations of a complex range of stakeholders, PEACEworkTM realises the next generation of workplace design opportunities.

PEACEworkTM reaches beyond the normal and outdated targets of productivity, engagement and performance to deliver your organisation’s biggest picture objective for a peaceful and loving global society.

Through the successful implementation of PEACEworkTM, organisations can finally access the full potential of workplace design to effect the evolutionary progress of our species and improve the quality of human life for all mankind.

In a range of confidential implementations for world leading brands we can’t disclose, PEACEworkTM has delivered unchallengeable, definitive improvements in outcome metrics including an increased sense of wellbeing and brotherly and sisterly love, increased happiness of the species, reduced instances of officially declared terrorism, and erradication of the threat of nuclear war(*). 

Our unique team of researchers, sociologists, psychologists, therapists, diplomats, nuclear scientists, negotiators, interrogators and former war-lords, bring together the skills and experience you need to achieve the ultimate teamwork outcome through the design of your workplace.

Based on our deep research into economic development, international relations, civil unrest and and violent revolutions over many years, PEACEworkTM brings together people, politics and place to establish a new future for our global organisational performance.

Today, more than ever, the nature of peace has changed. Technology, speed, economic imperatives for growth, global trade, increasingly frequent international terrorism and the constant sense of imminent doom mean we must now all get along however, whenever and wherever we want. No longer can we expect to influence global stability from an allocated desk or enclosed office.

Our unique PEACEworkTM methodology engages people’s deeper psychological, value-based belief systems and underlying sense of alienation and hopelessness, to unearth their real internal motivations and show them new ways of living. 

Our skilled consultants then translate these complex world issues into simple, affordable, pragmatic workplace design recommendations to help you achieve a new and peaceful existence. 

After all, world peace is what you do, not a place you go. 

(*) All measures are based on staff perception surveys