#SM4Biz liveblog 2: the Reprieve

Massive expectation around Pritesh Patel (@priteshpatel9) speaking, given he has been quoted several times this morning. He does SEO, and we all want more, don’t we? It was with great regret that when I googled him I actually found him. That robbed me of my livelihood, but proves he’s good.

He does have pies, and lots of them, to explain our “page experience” – and why nobody shares mediocre content. I find myself resolving to try harder. Be aware of the “links effect”, and especially those that are earned from the creation of great content. But….be wary of self-over-indulgence – engage, converse, be social. Its not all about you. Pritesh also had “ten things you can do right now” – which sounds like one of those listy blog posts you ritually ignore, but was full of great tips. Especially the underliner – “you are what you publish”.

Management summary: do great shit, or crash.

Two-donuts Doug (@DougShaw1) asks “what’s in it for me?”. This is the man with 666 blog posts to his credit, part-fuelled by a period of over-investment at the expense of more productive (and revenue-gnerating) activity, possibly part-fuelled by the food additives found in pink donut toppings. For a man whose stuff is in the top 5% on Slideshare he doesn’t have any slides. Nothing to share here, move along.

The thorny subject of ROI surfaces, like a dorsal fin just off Bondi – but talk of this is out-sharpened by the razorlike collective wit of twitterfolk with the post-Budget #torybingo viral banner, and the “respected banker” careers advise Q&A: two of the myriad social media gaffes that a little thought may have easily averted. Back to ROI and its about value, not cost – like everything where the ROI question is not easy to answer. Not sure I really know what’s in it for me, but great fun listening to Doug, all the same. “My brain is no different to anyone else’s”. Oh but it is, Doug.

Management summary: don’t be an idiot, like Grant

We are reprieved.

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