#SM4Biz liveblog 3: Iron in the Soul

Angus Grady (@AngusGrady) makes the bold statement that “we do social media wrong”, which is bad English of course, for those still at school. He certainly “does PowerPoint wrong” because its impossible to read a word of his wordy slides from the cheap seats unless you are a fly.

This talk might just be about marketing. Apparently we are obsessed with social media, which reminds me its been about fifty five seconds since I checked my Twitter feed. The word “feed” is quite accidentally appropriate really. As this is the start of a two-hour session and panel discussion, I am relieved to have been asked to put my hand up. Keep fit for social media fanatics.

“No-one ever listened himself out of a job” – perhaps, but doing nothing does nothing for you. I can’t imagine Angus listening for too long, he’s far too excited in a davidbellamyesque way about all those “amazing” tools and resources. He’s definitely more excited about LinkedIn than anyone, ever. Its the only time I have used the words “LinkedIn” and “excited” in the same sentence. I think the slides are going to be useful.

And so to social media disasters, from Paul Skeldon (@Mrskeldon), the conference equivalent of You’ve Been Framed. We have eight Titanics – HMV’s live-intern-tweeted redundancy-fest, BA’s Chicago lost luggage 9-5 customer-service fail, Luton airport’s bad-taste bad-weather crash, Starbucks unmonitored twitter-wall tax oops, Tescos horsemeat hay-raker, Benadryl’s hayfever hotspot sneeze, the British Gas price-hike tweet-up cock-up, and – for the second time today – the 8,000 responses to the Ask JP Morgan kick-me invitation. Please, keep sending us your unbelievable gaffes, they remind us that we are human, all too human.

And we cannot forget that Ed Balls’ first tweet was – “Ed Balls”. The modern equivalent of Colemanballs.

And so don’t forget – 28 April is now Ed Balls day. Forever. Get it wrong, and that’s how long it lasts. Using social media for business? Get some iron in your soul.

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