#SM4Biz liveblog 4: the Last Chance

Sartre only wrote the first two chapters of the last book in the Roads to Freedom tetralogy, and so it seems fitting that with the EY case study presented by Charlie Elise Duff (@charlie_elise) the story of the day seems incomplete.

The transition of social media from a once-exciting, edgy, dangerous, rebellious open-source wonder to a another limb of the corporate leviathan. When huge organisations send reps to #SXSW and blog overhipstered nonsense, when careers are forged and job titles straight out of Alice in Wonderland become mainstream, and when we reduce all of this creative energy to analytics and pie charts, it is hard to decide whether something has gone horribly wrong, or whether this was always likely to be the natural evolution. A corporate case study at a social media conference might just be the beginning of the end.

But Charlie Elise is one of the early adopters, and a star – so EY have the right person, doing the right stuff with what’s available and what’s possible.

I attended this same event two years ago, and even in this time the shift to the mainstream is marked. I am going to join the panel at the end of this event, and may get a chance to offer this overly-romantic perspective. I haven’t got any pie charts and haven’t got an SEO tips. I can’t offer a corporate study, and can’t tell you how to market your stuff. I don’t get millions of hits and I haven’t got Twitter followers expressed in “k” or “m”.

But I have loved being able to say what I feel I have to say, and having the channels to say it. That will just keep me going as I get misty-eyed over how it used to be – because something else will probably be along soon. Hello somewhere.com……

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