These vacuous times

How empty the promises made today. And getting emptier in direct proportion to the increasing frequency of their utterance.

Don’t promise you will “exceed my expectations”, when I haven’t even told you what they are. You have no idea how ludicrously unrealistic they may be as a result of your unsecured commitment. Just ask what my expectations are, and then tell me honestly if you can meet them, how you might go about it, and what you will need from me to make this possible. After that, lets see where it takes us.

Don’t promise you will “deliver solutions”. You haven’t even determined whether there are situations requiring them. You may just be required to do what is asked of you, however unglamorous that may be. Let’s see you doing what is asked first, and after that we may consider whether we need to do things differently. As for delivery, leave that to the parcel-carrying fraternity.

Don’t promise you will “innovate”, when you have no idea of the challenges you will face or whether innovation is needed. Just demonstrate you can understand and interpret what is set before you, and think through valid approaches. After that, we can see how far your thinking may reach. Innovation is also a rare and precious thing – don’t cheapen it by assuming you can produce it on tap.

Don’t promise you will “put your best people on this” when your best people are already oversold and needing a holiday. You have also implied that you have people who are not your best, and who may be working on this. Let’s just meet the people you propose, and see if there is a fit. Then, we can take it from there.

Honesty must be so out of fashion. How refreshing it would be.


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