Two solitudes – Workplace Trends & connectinghr

Thursday 20th October is the day that two extremely important gatherings clash. The fact that they contrived to unknowingly share the spot represents a matter of great concern. At least, it does to me as an aspiring attendee of both – so far it seems just myself and @drrmcewan might have attended both, not least because we are both speaking at the more formal of the two.

I blogged back in June that for property/workplace and HR its not just a one night stand. It would appear at this juncture that it still remains so, at least in the world of (un)conferencing.

The connectinghr unconference at the Spring in Vauxhall will be focussing on “the new world of work” – and in doing so will be wading into issues that dominate thinking within the workplace community – attraction and retention of talent, the impact of social media and informal networks on work and the workplace, wellbeing, and the very nature of the future of work itself. Being an unconference of course there is no speaker programme, content for the day is organised and driven by the attendees. At the previous (and outstanding) unconference I presented a pecha kucha on flexible working – a subject entirely relevant to both communities.

Workplace Trends at the Royal College of Physicians has the theme “Property is a People Business” – and has a speaker line-up focussing on the psychology of the workplace, work processes, social media and the social life of buildings. They all being areas of interest and thought for the HR community. The strapline for the conference even ponders “how we can create working environments which enhance performance  and wellbeing?”

I have shamelessly stolen the title of Hugh McLennan’s novel about a character struggling to reconcile the differences between his English and French Canadian identities. However that is just how this clash of dates appears.

At least it has given me the theme for the poem I plan to write and present at both. A small personal consolation.

My plea to the HR and workplace communities is to grow closer for our mutual benefit, to not let this happen again – and perhaps in future we might hold a joint event. At least, that is my intention.

Watch this space.

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