Some of these might be useful….

Whenever you can, do stuff that you haven’t been asked to do, that you thought of, that benefits others or makes a difference.

Your network and the people around you are your search engine, remember to ask – they usually know stuff you wont find alone and online.

Insert a space between yourself and a rant – whatever the need you feel, it’s probably not worth it – what goes out tough usually comes back tougher, and you won’t be ready for it.

If it has to be bad news, find some good news in it – there usually is, you just have to remember to look.

Stop trying to be “disruptive”, and make a contribution instead.

If you think of something good, check if its been thought of before – if it has, make sure you shout out the person who thought of it, and be happy that they thought of it first- it means you’re on the right track.

A lot of what we think of as work is bluster – get to know the difference, and help others who may be struggling to, which is usually most of us. I owe this comment to someone, I just can’t recall who – if it’s you, thank you!

If your kids are asleep when you get home from work, what was your day for?

E-mail is useful but it doesn’t run your life, so don’t let it – forget all the poncey “strategies”, just leave it alone, and do something other than watch your InBox.

If you must send an e-mail, write only to the person you need to – cc = conspicuous clutter, there is a confidence in not contributing any.

Remember people are the way they are and say what they do because of stuff going on with them you don’t know about – give them a break, it’s probably not about you.

There is room in what you do for style with substance – what’s presented well gets noticed, just look around you, don’t kid yourself in a highbrow way that it’s not important.

If you don’t talk in business bullshit, soon others wont either – simplicity is infectious.

More to follow, perhaps.


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