#wtrends13 liveblog Act 3: Climax

Dionysus was hanging around the station concourse, raising money with live origami using copies of the Leesman Index paper being handed out at the coffee break. He tells me he is looking forward to Doc Oseland and Ian Clarke. Should that be Lewis and Clark?

Nigel is also ex-DEGW. Just for the record. Any self-respecting Sir Perceval will tell you that the trouble with a Holy Grail is that it creates foolish and destructive obsession. While Leesman seek data to empirically support the fact that there is a problem, the Doc recently set off into the academic wilderness to try and find the impossible. Impossible? Twenty years ago we said that the productivity improvement from an effective and engaging workplace was 2%. We had no data, no proof, we just knew it made a contribution but played it down. We were wild.

Just like sales per square foot in retail may be attributable to great product, broad need, effective brand, commercial model or the weather, so might productivity be so intertwined with other factors as it relates to the workplace as to be indistinguishable. The Doc thinks we can measure it, albeit its difficult. However we might save the nervous breakdown for a genuine crisis, and use 2%. Or even braver still – trust our intuition, and bring Sir Perceval home. He’s starting to rust out there.

I wonder if in Tibet they measure happiness per square foot?

Dionysus, by the way, is looking a bit chirpier. Apollo is still trying to work out the Doc’s formula, having got as far as P.

Ian Clarke is a man who has climbed the Seven Summits. For those unaware, this is marginally tougher than getting through seven CoreNet Global Summits. He is a ‘Board level intern”, so you can’t afford him. Great to have some sound clips, reminded me of Ask the Family. The images of the arctic do remind us of where the design inspiration for the Apple store came from.

Imagine the play. Ian arrives at the North Pole, frostbitten, exhausted, tears frozen into his soul, and there, upon a mound of snow, is a small metal cup. Its the Grail. Wiping the ice from his glasses, he opens the lid and there is a post-it note. He manages to unfold it with gloves like sleeping bags in which his fingers have re-arranged themselves. On it is written a simple script.


He borrows a phone from a group of nearby co-workers, and calls Nigel. He’s gone for lunch with Dionysus.

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