#wtrends13 liveblog Act 5: Denouement

The ex-DEGW show goes on. Steve Coster, all the way from Australia. Don’t worry he’s here a lot. Having had the privilege of working on projects in Australia, and visiting some incredible case studies there, I can say with all seriousness they are ahead of the curve. HASSELL, who have delivered some of those spaces, are both great designers and the purveyors of the irritating _bullet point. It nags at you after a _while. See what I mean?

In his tracing of the history of the development of workplace ideas in Australia, Steve showed the interconnectedness of all things – the rich kaleidoscope of people, firms and opportunities. We are in a human business, and we develop our thinking together. Living, breathing ubuntu.

So what have the Aussies got that we haven’t? Land, but few tenants. Projects led by business – not property – people. A small, hyperconnected industry freely sharing its IP. A young industry, fluid and baggage free. He didn’t mention money, which helps – banking, resources, sectors flush with cash. But it still has to be spent wisely. And we have all seen it not. We may have even felt it.

Where does Steve recommend we look for inspiration now? University common spaces and libraries, and co-working centres, That’s both interesting and a fairly damning indictment of the corporate workplace sector.

And finally…. Per Hansen. Smart Working programmes always fascinate, as they assume that the prior condition is/was Dumb Working. Per didn’t work for DEGW. Huzzah! Wait – he may not have worked for DEGW but he worked with them. But he still said “work isn’t a place, its an activity”. The perfectly ironic way to wrap up. I can’t go on……seemingly the final triumph of Apollo?

Actually I did go on, and did a wrap-up, which will be published somewhere else soon. I engineered it for Dionysus to have the last say. I couldn’t have left it with Apollo – its all about people, after all.

Live blogging. Its been new for me, and fun. If you have been reading – my sincere thanks.

3 thoughts on “#wtrends13 liveblog Act 5: Denouement

  1. Most wonderful of all workspace gatherings I have ever attended anywhere on earth or beyond. Succulent and winsom, chuckly yet proud, all-loving and generously gentle, made of sustainable stuff – it will be recycled and re-made again and again – and no-one will be any the wiser. And yet, and yet….. Technology, along with throwing things at the wall and hoping something sticks, will allow us to keep on changing, particularly if we re-create smallness and dare to share what we really think and think we know. Work will always be stressful but not many will die from it, so our work is on the margins only. But it’s a grassy verge, quite comfy and far enough away from the fast traffic, so let’s picnic here! Thanks Neil: intelligent and original and none of this is anything to do with the fact you drew my name from the ipad hat (albeit at the third attempt). Thanks for persevering!

  2. your work and talent is a real beacon for all us as story telling and communication is a key facet of our role today. I like your surgical with a comical twist analsis of the various presentations. It is interesting to reflect on the DEGW legacy although now consigned to the rubbish bin of grear British brands, its survivors and alumni still command a lot of respect as torch bearers of strategic thinking. Such a capability is alas still in short supply and explains why we still struggle with the reality that at the end of the day its all about people and not about bricks and mortar.

  3. I wish I was there! Sounds interesting and I am sure I would have arched up at the _ points…drives me BONKERS! Great to hear your writing Chris. Nat

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