You dont bring me donuts: 10 reasons why people don’t take up mobile working

We hear a lot about the benefits of mobile working – freedom, variety, social interaction, inspiration – but if it was that easy, we would all be mobile workers and leave the office behind.

Here are ten reasons why people may not take up mobile working, even when it is on offer:

  1. No guarantees of space or connectivity – even when you think you will get a seat or a connection, often you don’t or can’t – plans can be disrupted – can you afford the time?
  2. You have to fork out – there is a price to pay, whether measured in lattes or by-the-hour wifi charges – and can you expense them.
  3. You have to make an effort –it’s easy to slope into the office and slump at your usual desk, but a day of mobile working has to be thought out in advance – or at least some of it does – can you be bothered?
  4. Your bag is heavier – a portable office is often not quite – and if you forget a key accessory, it can be hard to find someone to borrow from
  5. The IT support team aren’t downstairs – if fact they are probably far too far away to help you even if you wanted them to – you are on your own
  6. It’s lonely – you may well be in a space with lots of other mobile workers, all doing different things, but still no-one speaks to each other – and if you do make the effort, did you accidentally pick the lunatic who isn’t there to work, but to follow you home?
  7. No peer pressure – for when motivation slinks away, and you need a fillip from a colleague, even just a look that says “come on, get on with it!”
  8. Stuff – the things around you that you take for granted always being able to find are no longer there – stationery, notepaper, a pen that works….
  9. Distractions – far from getting away from the distractions in the office, mobile working can present even more – from the noisy teenagers in the coffee shop to the temptations of immediately accessible shopping
  10. No-one brings in donuts on a Friday – you have to buy your own


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