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#1 BEST Lifestyle Blog: Oh Hey An Austen Based Lifestyle Blog By Corrin Foster

Luckily for him, this was around the same time he discovered WordPress and white hat SEO. It was love at first click and he hasn’t strayed since. Hannah Hill has helped develop content marketing strategies for small businesses, political candidates, New York Times best-selling authors and international speakers since 2009.

In his free time, Taylor enjoys photography, floating the San Marcos river, reading about the latest startups, and watching sports. You don’t have to blog about dogs or pets…I love to read all sorts of blogs from beauty to design, lifestyle to personal and everything in between. Lifestyle blogger Corrin Foster lives in Austin and spends her days reading the news, exploring the area, and taking photos of her daily activities. She is constantly looking for new venues to check out, places to travel to, and events to attend. I started MyOodle.com just over a year ago and it’s gone from a dog forum, to blog and now online shop. We especially love oodles; all dogs crossed with a poodle.

I’ve always been interested in blogging but it never really stuck for me in the past. The content I created or my writing style wasn’t clear to me. So, to get a better understanding, I started reading some blogs to see how they were written and what the different types of blogs were.

I love Austin and want others to know how much I love it too. I want to create a place where people can come to read about all things lifestyle in Austin. She dreams of having a successful company one day, complete with a team she can athena vs eclinicalworks develop over time. She hopes to inspire others and give them a sense of belonging through her work. Life is full of ups and downs, but it’s easier to get through difficult times when surrounded by good people who care about you.

I’ve followed lots of blogs for years and relied on them for so many things – recipes, fitness tips, doggie stories, fashion, projects, etc. I just wanted to be apart of the world that inspires me so much. I’m Corrin Foster, an Austin-based lifestyle blogger and New York Times bestselling author.