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10 Crochet Blanket Patterns With Stripes

I’ve always wrote more in “human terms” rather than strictly “standard crochet terms”. I see this blanket with an additional granny square boarder and it lovely. I bought the yarn kit from your link and was wondering if you had any idea how much more yarn to buy to be able to finish this with the extra granny boarder.

Two months ago I started with the CAL blanket from the dutch group, but I swited to your side as your pictures ar mor step by step. Normally I sew clothes but I cannot concentrate now due to operations and so I started with this project. I am only at the first wheel and it cost halex air hockey table me a lot of sweat and tears. Maybe you never see a whole blanket from me but you inspired me to the first steps thank you very much. With 2 new colors , make another section of granny stripes. This free crochet blanket pattern will allow you to make a lovely crocheted afghan.

At the end of the first stripe of the star, do I close the “eye” before the hdc in the last stitch? Thank you so much for kindly sharing this pattern, it’s so detailed and easy to follow! Am making a doll version 😉 to see if I could do it, and I can. If you would like to follow a specific pattern, I’d recommend going back, working row 8, and continuing from there. That would be the first Catharine wheel row.

Using the blanket stitch described in this pattern, you can make the ideal baby blanket, lapghan, or throw with your favorite worsted or chunky yarn! This blanket makes an excellent, easy gift. Another thing you’ll need is a crochet hook. The size of your crochet hook will determine the gauge, which is the number of stitches per inch. Getting the exact gauge isn’t too crucial for blankets, but you’ll still want to use an appropriate hook for your yarn. These seventeen crochet patterns all play with color in stripes to give a powerful impact to what is often a simple design.

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