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10 Ridiculous Reasons Why Some People Were Arrested

A 34-year-old American woman decided to pierce her kittens’ ears, necks and tails. Her goal was to make them look more gothic in order to make top quality products out of them. She placed them for sale on the web in hopes of making hundreds of dollars with these gloomy kittens. She was obviously almost immediately accused of animal cruelty. But this young woman pleaded not guilty in front of the judge, claiming she didn’t see a difference between piercing animals vs piercing humans. Upon hearing this, the student sought to rectify the situation, so she pulled out some perfume and sprayed herself.

He was sent home a year later in a coma and later died. Like eating a proper meal, elevating my swollen feet and getting rid of my N95 masks outline on my face, all the while drinking my wine straight from the bottle. Still trying to get to sleep after my 3rd night in a row. Nurse Ratched is a popular meme among nursing as she became a stereotype of being a cold,implacable head nurse. Here are also 18 signs that you’re being raised by a nurse.

Lawrence Michael Jonap was accused of assaulting the officer with a notebook before passing wind. World’s dumbest criminal contender, Nicholas Wig, was easily caught after leaving himself logged on to Facebook in a house he burgled. The Florida resident was charged with domestic violence but denied throwing the fruit at his girlfriend.

It also includes arrests and jail sentences for things we’ve all probably been guilty of at one time or another. And in many cases, they’re more representative of a crackdown on poverty than a crackdown on lawbreakers. We’ve all seen those clickbait headlines about people who were arrested for ridiculous reasons. Most of the time, however, there’s more to the story than what a catchy Facebook post or meme alludes to.

Over de weekend, funny face enter social media release series of videos wey allegedly attack some people. A video posted by Lee County Sheriff’s Office showed the boy, handcuffed, walking towards a police vehicle after his arrest on Saturday. KRK has been arrested by the Mumbai Police on Monday night over a ‘derogatory’ tweet. The actor and film critic recently landed in the city from Dubai. He will be produced before the Borivali Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

A neighbour threatened to call the cops if she didn’t return the ball immediately. Hard-headed, Edna refused to give it back and the police showed up. It’s not every day that you see an 88 year old committing their first crime. We’d rather have the police on our side than against us. But some people have a tendency of getting into trouble for no reason! From forgetting garlic bread, to excessive twerking, to giving a cat a piercing, these arrests seem too ludicrous to be true.

The cops agreed and arrested her, then the prosecutor agreed and brought up charges, and May found herself in court. Lol I was arrested for having a blue light that wasn’t even on in my car. I spent about 4 nights in county jail till I could get bailed out because they only took cash and cashier’s checks.

As expected, Stacey quickly backtracked when he realized he was in over his head. After being arrested by police he blamed the tweets on his account being hacked. Finally, he admitted to just being silly and having a laugh. The judge in the case didn’t see the funny side and handed out las vegas metro police uniform a 56-day prison sentence. A Class 5 student was arrested in Florida, the United States, for threatening to pull off a mass shooting in his school, CBS12 said in a report. According to the police, the 10-year-old sent text message threatening a school shooting to another student.

According to official statement wey dem release, sake of de history of de suspect dem go submit am before court to secure psychiatric examination de next line of action in de investigations. The police did not reveal details of the tweet which led to his arrest. The official said a lookout circular had earlier been issued against him. An FIR was also registered against him in 2020 under various Indian Penal Code sections including 153 and 500 , and provisions of the Information Technology Act, he said. No matter the answer, you now have the opportunity to ask more questions, simultaneously uncovering the layers as to who your friend truly is inside. “The question and its answer is a starting point for a conversation journey that maybe you wouldn’t be having with that friend,” says Akbari.