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10 Steps to Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence

No social media cleanse is complete without a close examination of your followers and friends list. Users that interact with your content reflect your interests, so pay close attention to their posts and comments. As Consumer Reports notes, deleting inactive social media accounts can be particularly helpful for protecting your privacy and bolstering the security of your personal data. It’s important to keep the number of online accounts that store such information to a minimum.

This tells managers what you’re passionate about, which leaders you admire, and what trends you’re up-to-date on. The first is the crisp white sheet sprinkled with bullet points and carefully-chosen verbs. On it are descriptions of our education, the positions we’ve held, and acquired skills. Become a Very Informed Parent to get our social media suggestions in your email every Tuesday & Thursday.

This is especially important if they’re going through the college admissions process. Social media mistakes can happen to anyone, no matter how prepared they may be. So learning how to clean up those mistakes is a vital part of having a positive digital footprint. When students follow the steps above, they ensure that their online reputation is a positive reflection of who they are.

Or to include a recipe for pot brownies in your otherwise above-board food blog. Or to rant about your former employer—specifically, about the CEO’s bad haircut and body odor—on an industry message board. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to do any of the other infinitely creative, breathtakingly easy and completely dumb things the internet allows you to do with just a few keystrokes sams smokeless fire pit and mouse clicks. Think of how many people you’ve Googled or looked up on social media. Then consider the fact that everyone from hiring managers to clients to admissions officers to dates are also doing their own due diligence and screening you online. If you’re using Facebook on a phone then the process is very similar—tap your avatar , then the three dots , then Manage posts.

Thus, students are often surprised to learn that they should be posting appropriate pictures from typical life events like beaches or weddings or the like. As an employer, one of the first things I do when considering a new employee is to check their social media profiles. I can tell you that it can be a dealbreaker when a person has a very inappropriate social media presence. If you have any social media accounts you have stopped using, deactivate those accounts.