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10 Unique Waterfall Countertop Ideas for Your Kitchen

It seems somewhat counterintuitive, but being particular about your palette can help highlight subtleties like texture or strata — as this project by Workstead attests. We secured the top of our countertop to the brackets using wood screws. Kristin Tablang is a senior editor at House Beautiful, where she covers design, real estate, culture, and travel.

Dark features and interesting textures like the oven hood and backsplash keep the room from feeling sterile. Marble, granite, quartz, and travertine are all favorites for waterfall countertops. Concrete and wood, however, have entered the waterfall market, and unlike stone, countertops made of these materials are DIY-friendly . wood carved tattoo The unique profile of a waterfall countertop edge means you need to choose a surface material carefully. You want the countertop to look like it’s made from one continuous material. This is difficult to do with a waterfall countertop island made from wood, marble, granite, or any other material that contains natural veining.

Smal black pieces of décor like kitchen utensils, a gas stovetop, and pendant lighting create visual interest among bright whites and wood barstools. The granite features abstract venous patterns in dark hues like brown and black. Today, the granite stone is one of the most popular materials for waterfall countertops. Black colors highlight the purity and patterns of the white stone. Considering the dramatic impact that waterfall countertops have on the interior design, the material chosen for them is one that makes a statement. In this kitchen, the island provides a lot of utility including extra storage and housing the cooking range as well as the oven.

A kitchen design is complete when you have a waterfall island. The counter can be like a shell that extends beyond the width of the cabinet, almost as if it’s an independent feature. Wood is a more forgiving material, one that’s more accessible to DIYers compared to stone. That doesn’t mean anyone can make a waterfall countertop, even if the wood is the material of choice. Creating a fluid a continuous design can be challenging when working with a single huge wood slice. The waterfall design can also be adapted to suit kitchen islands that have a raised bar extension or that feature two different heights or materials.

If any history was lost in its gut renovation, Hannes Peer’s redesign imbued it with a whole new sense of place. Who needs a man to make you happy when you’ve got a bachelorette pad like this? Designer Erin Gates created a fluid entertaining space with a sleek, all-white kitchen that is complemented by a white and pink palette. As homeowners seek out bolder, rippled stone, Greek Volakas marble is having its moment—especially in this Brooklyn brownstone. Here, Ishka Designs accented the countertop with sharp black pendant lights and triangular stools. All in all, a waterfall countertop will likely set you back close to $6,000—about three times as much as a regular countertop.

Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. In order to make sure the side of the 37-inch-tall structure matched the 74-inch-long, 54-inch-wide countertop, they ordered extra-long rails so that the 90-degree angle was crisp. “Otherwise the effect isn’t as precise or as cool,” says Robert. Followers of Kelly Wearstler’s eye-candy Instagram feed — and there are more than two million of them — will immediately clock the kitchen she designed for her house in Malibu. The height of current kitchen trends, Kelly describes as “the epicenter of our home”.

Which of the waterfall counters would you want in your home? Simona is an interior design and décor writer for Homedit. Since 2011, she has been writing about interior design, DIY solutions, and the latest trends in home architecture. A waterfall edge can be a show-stopping focal point in any kitchen, and there’s no arguing that a waterfall edge can be both attractive and functional.