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Every day, my mother ran the risk of being caught and going to jail for 25 years. We were lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where our neighbors would tell us when the secret police were coming. Through the backyard, my mother would quickly get everything out of the house.

We also have the whole United Nations visiting us! People that come from other countries and they say when they get off the plane the first place they want to go is Porto’s. When we created the recipe we really did it for ourselves—without knowing that people would fall in love with it. A few happy guests leave Porto’s bakery with their pastries and coffee in hand.

The meat pies, fruit tarts and potato balls are highly recommended by this traveler. I loved the story of the business… it is very obvious why they have grown to multiple locations, if only I could… The three cafes serve 4.5 million customers a year. They sell 1.5 million cheese rolls and 600,000 potato balls a month. The company uses its buying power to keep prices low.

Finished with a dark chocolate ganache and white and dark chocolate curls. Infuse your talents and passion with our expertly 14011 fm 969 developed baking, culinary and business fundamentals. Create your personal recipe for success at Porto’s Bakery.

Bag of 6 – A classic roll with a light, chewy interior, and a crisp, golden crust. The perfect bread to build a sandwich. Traditional croissant made with European style butter filled with and dipped in dark chocolate. This is a large establishment that is very well appointed and impressive visually. There are separate lines and parts for different items. I went to the bakery line and was not disappointed in the two items I selected.