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100s of Unique and Uncommon Cat Names for 2021

In 2006, according to an article in The Guardian, the three most popular cat names in Germany were Felix, Gismo and Charlie. All Siamese cats have blue eyes because of lack of pigmentation in two of the layers of their irises . This causes their fruity pebble makeup eyes to appear blue for the same reason we perceive the sky as blue. Skye would make a great choice for any Siamese cat, especially if you’re a science buff . To honor your girl kitty’s Thai heritage, the name Jasmine is a lovely choice.

Don’t settle on anything! Check out these gorgeous and unique girl cat names from A to Z. Is she truly mysterious, or just hard to spot in the dark? Either way, one of these girl cat names should be perfect. Turn on the star power of your kitty by giving her one of these A-lister girl cat names.

It is also a fun alternative to the incredibly popular Coco. Siamese are one of the most vocal breeds out there, and they will always let their humans know when they want attention. If you have a little girl with the gift of gab who is constantly talking to you, Gabby is a cute choice for her. From ramen to spaghetti, noodles are delicious in all forms. Noodles would be a great fit for a boy or girl tabby with a striped or swirled pattern and a scrumptious personality.

The name Bubba is a term of endearment used for a little brother, so if your new addition is the baby of the family, Bubba is a fitting choice. Lilith– Suitable for swift and bodacious female cats who are sassy in every sense. Jezebel– Jezebel is a fitting name for a strong female cat who likes to be in charge. Lucille Ball– For female cats just like Lucille Ball, a pioneering actress and comedian who was feisty ginger. I have 2 black cats both have white patches on their bellies – One is named Shadeaux Shileaux & the other is Cleaux Snoux – there are a couple that might peek your interest.

Black Jack’s location of choice was perched on a desk in the museum’s Reading Room. This bite-sized potato treat is popular with kids and adults alike. If you have a boy or girl kitten with a lot of personality crammed into a small package, Tater Tot is an adorable choice . If your boy cat is a dashing little speed demon who loves to play “Chase the prey” and pounce on everything in sight, Dash is a fun choice. This is also a great option for fans of Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles, where Dash is the eldest son in the superhero Parr family and possesses superhuman speed. Bubba is a cute name for a boy cat coming into your family as a brother to your other babies .

Mr. Peeps appeared in Kesha’s “Crazy Kids” video, used to go on tour with her, and even won Billboard magazine’s fan-favorite celebrity cat award in 2019. This mythological creature has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle! Five million canines are thought to be sold countrywide at shelters each year. Less than 30% of those dogs are adopted by families that can afford to take care of them. This is why it is so important for animal shelters to use promotional strategies like web marketing. We wish you good luck in choosing the ideal name for your furry business after looking through these list of furry company names.

Whether you are a fan of the original Broadway musical or the movie version that hit the silver screen in late 2019, Cats is full of a colorful cast of felines. Most of the names have a whimsical nature or are outright funny—like Griddlebone or Skimbleshanks. Chickadee– It is a small North-American song bird which is black and white in color. Eight Ball– Named after the game, in which the eighth numbered ball is black and white in color. Panda– Large bear-like animal which is black and white in color.

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, so if your new kitty has a penchant for bringing you “presents” in the form of mice and birds, this would be a fitting choice. The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is known for being a very cool dude, so of course his cat has a very cool name. Eye In The Dark is probably one of the oddest cat names around, but there is some logic to the name. When Reedus’s son Mingus was 5 years old, he desperately wanted a black kitten and Reedus found one and allowed his young son to name it. At that time, the floors in their apartment were all black, so Mingus named the cat Eye In The Dark since that was the only part of the kitty he could see at night. Is there a more universally beloved food than bacon?

I named my white cat, Snow…I call her Snowbaby a lot.. I have 4 cats, 2 tortoise shell and 2 feeral. All female, name are T-Ba because it was taking me to long to come with anything and it fits, then we have Peanut, Chloe and Jordie. If you’re an American history buff, Rutherford would make an interesting choice for your Siamese boy. The first Siamese cat came to the United States in 1879 and was a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy from the American consul in Bangkok, Thailand. This classic campfire snack would make a terrific name for your calico kitten.

Cookie– This is an English name that means sweet biscuit. Perfect for a delightful cat. Tiffany– it is an English name that means the appearance of God.