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12 Tips to Fix Outlook Send and Receive Error

To get back lost performance of email application, it is advised to apply resolution methods from beginning to end through the predefined process. But, you should make sure the status of the email application after completion of each method. If your email application is working properly, then stop to proceed with successor method.

To avoid such kind of access barrier, there is a need to set adequate priority with MS Outlook and Express email client. “The operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server” – This occurs when it takes too much time for the server to respond to the user query. As time changes, technology also changes and customers face new problems and technical issues with devices.

In “Open Outlook Data File”dialog box, locate and then select the Outlook data file which is located in past, and then clickOK. Proceed withAdd New Accountdialog box then select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” then click ‘Next’. MS Outlook/Express has different versions which are available in the market as well as the user’s end. In this situation, there is a separate method for setting each version of MS Outlook as well as Outlook Express. However, these processes slightly deviate from one version to another in same email client, but the probability of settings error is higher at the user’s end. There are some possible factors responsible for reported threats like error attack, bad synchronization, Outlook data file error or unknown bug.

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If repairing the OST file doesn’t work, you can recreate the OST file to resolve the issue. For this, you just need to rename or delete your OST file and restart Outlook. It will create a new OST file at the default location and synchronize all the mail items from the mailbox server.

There are several ways to fix Outlook email issues like damaged file, timed out connection and send/receive error. You can try third applications PST Repair Mail to repair damaged MS Outlook data. This send/receive error was seriously driving me crazy!

In case, if they are wrong then, correct all of them. If you do not know what is incorrect, remove the recent default account and create a new profile. After that, you can set up a newly created Outlook profile as the default profile. Finally press the “Apply” button and the “Accept” button, now you’re done configuring the e-mail account in Outlook. Now try to send an e-mail and you shouldn’t have any problems doing it, you just solved the error 0x800CCC0E.

Fill-in the email account information on the following screen. When you’re done, select Existing Outlook Data File from the Deliver new messages to section and then click the Browse button. Overall – The above mentioned steps are useful for not only send/receive but also other MS Outlook/Express errors. Each version has different locations for big foreignprofit hoard targeted tax plan inbox repair tool, let’s find out. Go ahead with Add New Account dialog box and choose “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and press ‘Next’. In case you don’t want to store messages on server location, uncheck the option “Leave a copy of message on this server”, it protects your mail client from duplicate items.

Otherwise, move towards next phase of error handling method. Sometimes the true reason behind Outlook send-receive problem is as trivial as an Internet connectivity issue. Thus, verify if you can connect to the Internet at all by opening any website through your browser.

We hope that the page proves itself in fixing your problem. Imagine a condition where you have to send an urgent email to your boss and you encounter an error message MS Outlook Sending and Receiving. In the daily usage of Outlook, we usually have confronted such error statements. In this condition, we desire to find out the approaches for fast and 100% error solution of Outlook.