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15 Heartland Spoilers & Common FAQs Answered

Lou goes back to Heartland and sees Scott they catch up before she asks what an orphaned foal is doing there as they’re too much work. Jack isn’t happy about Richard Chenoweth being there and Lou tells him she’s having a cook out with him to show her hospitality. Lou and Peter greet Richard at the Dude Ranch, he tells Peter that Lou lied to get the meeting, but doesn’t mind. Later, they sit and chat by the dock about business, Peter bring sup his plans for a project in Dubai.

She continues making lunch and reluctantly invites Mallory when she makes her feel sorry for her standing at the window shivering. Lou starts to tell Tim about her plan for a corporate equine retreat and run team building exercises. He agrees it’s a good idea and immediately did dominique sachse get a divorce changes subject to Amy and jumping which annoys Lou. When they talk about Marion and how she would ride to show Amy how it’s done, Tim goads Lou into jumping. When she does she has flashbacks to Tim’s accident, she manages to make the jump but walks off when she finishes.

Mainly because on Heartland season 10 episode 18 we saw Mitch leaving Heartland without saying Lou goodbye and taking all of his stuff with him. But only on season 10 episode 10 Lou and Peter actually sign divorce papers. Contrary to the belief of some, Ty’s character hasn’t been killed off or written off the show. It was the actor who decided to leave, as he felt the urge to pursue different interests in life. The fact that Ty’s death upset many fans is undeniable, however, we all must respect the actor’s personal choices. That’s right, everyone’s favorite horse series will be back with a brand new season this year!!

This season, new parents Amy and Ty face all the struggles of raising a family and keeping their business running. Angry outbursts from Tim catch the family off guard and make Jack suspicious. The family rallies round after Ty is hospitalized immediately following his return home. An out-of-town horse clinic takes a dangerous turn for Amy, Tim and Georgie.

He tells her that he doesn’t usually do things like this but since so many people obviously want them together he wants to leave it to fate. Mackenzie tells Lou the wedding is off, Lou tries to stop her from making a big decision and goes to lie down. Lisa and Jack arrive and Lou goes off at Lisa telling her that because she started to get involved she’s the one who threw it off course. Lisa tells Lou that she was trying to help but Lou tells her that she doesn’t want her help and Lisa leaves upset. Lou goes to the Dude Ranch to apologize to Ian, he tells her he thought it was too good to be true. He tells Lou about how they met, he went to Gramercy Park, which he never goes to and saw Mackenzie with her dog when her dog ran off he went to get it back for her.

Lou asks him to go on a beer run and tells him which beers are Jack’s favourite to help grease the wheels between them. Marnie returns to find Jerry Junior crying, Lou tells her it’s typical as he’s been great all day. Once again after being called not maternal, she retorts that Jerry Junior’s the only one complaining. Mallory tries to get a lift from Lou to get a cable from the computer store but she says she’s too busy. Lou’s gardening when Amy starts complaining to her about Val saying Ty will dump her by Thanksgiving. She also offloads that not only does Peter’s plans not involve her but she thinks she might be pregnant.

Lou later receives an invite to the ballet from Peter, when he says he’ll pick her up at Heartland he calls him leaving a message telling him she’ll meet him there instead. Lou’s leaving for the ballet and says goodbye to Jack, as she’s heading out the door she sees Peter standing on the other side so slams the door shut. Jack asks if she’s OK and she passes it off as looking for her keys. She heads out with Peter and tells him that they got a new puppy and didn’t want to let it out. After the ballet, Lou rides in the limo with Peter on the way home, she tells them to pull over and says she’ll walk the rest of the way .

Marnie calls inviting her to lunch but she tells her that she has a full day. Scott arrives and they are both excited about their weekend together. After a short time, Lou gets frustrated when Scott has to leave because he’s on-call, so she calls Marnie back and agrees to lunch. When they’re at Maggie’s Marnie tells her how excited she is about the retreat and suggests her services for catering. She also inform Lou that she is currently pregnant and expecting in the winter.