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19 Places You Can Legally Sleep In Your Car And Park Overnight

Funny part is, when I stay in a motel or hotel, I always make sure there is a safety chain on the door. The only other question I have is, if you do not have the necessary funds to pay for even a cheap motel for the two of you, how are you going to fund an unexpected breakdown? No matter how well the vehicle has been maintained and checked over, it can happen. Three days and $800 for the repairs, before I was on the road again. That was in a well maintained vehicle, completely checked over before departure and only on the clock.

On top of that, their locations right along the a freeway are an ideal target for criminals because it provides the perfect opportunity for a quick getaway. A sleeping traveler is just about a perfect target for a criminal, and putting up shades is practically an invitation that a defenseless victim is inside. There is no way even one person can sleep comfortably in a small car, much less 2.

Cover your windows and limit the times you come in and out of the car. We’ve said it before, but this doubles as safety precautions for you. This classic, southern general store usually doesn’t mind allowing overnight parking around the back of the building. You may want to check in with the store manager on arrival, but there is always the do first, ask for forgiveness later option.

Prevent spending hours looking for your phone charger, your socks and your water bottle by keeping an organized packing system. In order to road trip while on a tight budget and still experience what this grand world has to offer you need to be creative, frugal, and versitile. Even for those of us who just camp occasionally or have a travel trailer, the resources you provided are invaluable. We love living vicariously through your adventures and posts. Always a pleasure reading your blogs and firing up the juices to just get out there!

Walmart is at the top of the list because they are easy to find and located all across the country. It is such a relief when you find somewhere you can park overnight and know that you will not be told to move on in the middle of the night. Assuming you are not staying in a hotel or looking for a place to pitch a tent, it can be quite difficult finding somewhere to sleep in your vehicle. It is one of the first choices people think of when they are looking for safe places to sleep in a car while traveling.

Whether you’re just passing through on a road trip, bouncing around a general area, or looking for a longer-term stay, it’s easy to find good camp spots or places to park overnight. I have seen many other vehicles on the road converted to allow sleeping. Mostly mini vans, but even sedans with the rear seat removed. If you can’t sleep lying down comfortably, sleeping in a vehicle is not recommended. My travels these days are in a conversion van with a bed and fridge as well as some storage.

But the terrain is always very drivable, and the campsites can typically accommodate any sort of traveler, whether you car camp, van camp, or RV camp. At all times think about being a good representative of the van life community. Otherwise what to pack for puerto rico you’ll end up making things harder for the next person. We actually try to stay away from cities as much as possible. We think they’re too crowded, there are too many rules, too many bright lights, and driving can be a nightmare.

We won’t have to carry tent equipment, and the heaviest item would be a small cooler for cold drinks, etc. We will just have to watch that we don’t carry too many heavy cans, etc, so we don’t hurt our gas mileage. We live in CO, but want to move somewhere warmer, want the ocean an hour or two away. Our adventure is to visit the parts of the US that my daughter hasn’t seen, and many that neither of us have seen, and we’re always in search of the fastest roller coaster ride.