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2 0 GPA is a C Letter Grade or 73 76%

If you currently do not have a high grade point average, you may be wondering if there are any colleges that accept low GPA. Apart from the GPA, there are a lot of things that define a potential candidate or applicant entering a prestigious university. One of two Nazarene colleges in the United States whose purpose is to train ministers, Nazarene Bible College is a Christian institution in Colorado Springs. NBC offers Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degrees with nine theological majors.

Prospective first-year students at Albany State University must meet one of three minimum requirements to be considered for acceptance. They must have an unweighted GPA of 2.0, an SAT math score of 440, or an SAT evidence-based reading and writing score of 480. In addition to looking for students who are good at academics, many colleges also look for those who have unique interests and hobbies to help make their student bodies more diverse.

If the middle 50% range is X-Y, 50% of the students we admitted scored in that range, 25% scored below X and 25% scored above Y. The typical scores for admission are a total of 7.5 to 8, with a score of at least 6 on all 4 modules. Strayer University considers applicants to their master’s programs if they have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Eastern Michigan University offers a Post-Bachelor’s Teacher Preparation program that requires a GPA of 2.5 or higher. During their first 9 semester hours, students must not receive a grade lower than a B or their enrollment will be terminated. In more competitive hiring settings, an employer may weigh specific academic factors, including your GPA and the university you attended.

Applicants are also evaluated based on an essay and the rigor of their academic coursework. Southern New Hampshire University strives executive assessment questions to make education accessible to all. It offers a variety of different program options designed to accommodate students with any GPA.

Send stellar references to the university, highlight your projects, internships, work experience, and publications. This would make the admission committee see that you never lost focus on your career. Most people will tell you to avoid mentioning your scores at all, be it on your SOP, during your interview, or otherwise. Enroll in Courses- Take up additional short certification courses online or otherwise that would show the admission committee the skills you developed and enhance your profile.