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2 Businesses, Same Name: Is This Trademark Infringement? Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum

Monitoring what’s online is an important way to prevent naming issues and protect your business’ brand. For example, maybe your company works in tech, and a business with the same or similar name works in mining. However, if two companies are operating in the same field or industry, such as two clothing brands with the same name, this could be an issue.

Never claim a Business Profile without express consent from the business owner. It requires a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to legal matters and procedures. In any case, its always best toreach out to professional advisers ie; lawyer, company secretary, auditor, tax consultant, etc;before making major decisions to avoid unexpected problems and losses. The only time the Registrar will force a company to change its name is when it does not match the requirements listed in the Act.

OwnershipOnly business owners or authorized representatives may verify and manage their business information on a Business Profile. If you wish to share management access to your Business Profile with others, you can add a manager. A company is a type of business, but not all businesses can become companies.

Generally, all businesses operating in Canada must comply with federal, provincial, and municipal laws regarding business names. In practice, what this means is that two businesses may very well have the same name. And if you discover that someone else is operating a business miss lisette assassin maid using your business name, you may or may not be able to do anything about it. If you do not receive a response, or you do not receive any sort of formal response, or one you or your lawyers or co-owners deem appropriate, you may need to take more extensive legal action.

Choose categories that are as specific as possible, but representative of your main business. Do not use categories solely as keywords or to describe attributes of your business. Use as few categories as possible to describe your overall core business from the provided list. Businesses showing their address on Google should maintain permanent fixed signage of their business name at the address. Never use harassing, abusive, or untrustworthy tactics with potential or existing customers.

You should check if other businesses have the same or similar names using our tool. It’s common for business formation bodies to accept a name as unique if it differs only slightly from an existing name. This could be as small as adding another word or changing a word slightly. We’ve got some helpful hints on creating a good business name. The business formation bodies in these states insist that every business has a unique name. If your business doesn’t have a unique name, your formation documents will be rejected.

For instance, sole proprietorship and partnerships are governed by the Registrar of Businesses. Companies and Limited liability partnerships (ie; SDN BHD or BHD) are governed by the Registrar of Companies. You can also differentiate a company from other businesses as it is a separate legal entity–Which means, a company can sue and can be sued.

This action will no doubt show how the other business’ actions have impacted your business in negative terms. As a new business owner, you are ready to start your company’s journey and use the business name that you have decided on. You know that the name you’ve come up with will clearly tell people what your company does and get people excited about your new venture.

To check whether the name you want to use is already taken, you should use our online company name-checker. This will enable you to establish if the company name you want is available for use or if it is already taken and listed on the Companies House register. More complete results are now more affordable; thanks to TMReady . The additional elements like the domain names added to the search results give our clients more value for their money, and more confidence in our firm. If the two companies operate in different sectors and locations, then there are no issues at all.