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20+ Grooms who rocked pink outfits Groom

A simple white kurta-pajama has been paired with a dark red dupatta. The kurta has some textured detailing on it and that’s all! This gives enough focus to the groom’s malas without making him look over-the-top! This is an Ivory and Peach Floral Embroidered Anarkali Sherwani with matching Stole, Anarkali Kurta & Chooridar.

The random patches that are stuck on the front and the long sleeves of the sherwani make it traditional yet modern at the same time. The groom also paired a stylish velvet stole that made him look like a style icon. In a search for a good 3 piece wedding suit, be attentive while potato head ears selecting the size and length. Besides, an appropriate color blend is also important. The mismatched outfit is not usually formal enough for such an occasion. Find the right type of jacket and a suitable hint of a shirt to make your image complete and ideal during the wedding.

Soft and breathable, this cherry malt suit is nothing short of a stunner. Better yet, its light and flexible fabric makes it effortless to enjoy the day with ease. Pair this pink jacket with ivory or even khaki pants for a fresh and laidback look.

Thus, select lightweight 3 piece wedding suits in fresh colors. It’s a good idea to finish the image with beautiful accessories. Being a groom, you should remember that you’re one of two protagonists of the ceremony .

Jamie’s two-piece is perfect inspiration for grooms who want to make a bold statement. Tuxedos or tweed 3 piece wedding suits are not an option in this case. Linen mixtures with wool, cotton, or even silk fabrics will allow you to feel comfortable. This is a dark blue woven floral dinner jacket paired with black trousers and white shirt.

If you’re not quite ready for a pink suit, you can always make a subtle nod to the trend with pink accessories! Daryl’s pale pink bow tie and pocket square look particularly fetching against the dark green of his tweed suit. Select a 3 piece wedding suit with no print if you’d like. Being a guest, the rules of a 3 piece wedding suit selection for you are not that strict. It might be restrained attire, which is not very expensive but looks quite stylish.

The choice greatly depends on your role during the ceremony. We adore all the men that go for something trendy instead of sticking to traditional on their wedding day. Take a peek at this groom who looked amazing wearing non-traditional wedding attire.

All it takes is a statement tie to take a wedding-day outfit to the next level. We love how Jason showed his personality with this abstract print. Embraced the boldness of fuchsia pink for his mehndi function, pairing his solid kurta with an embroidered violet Bandi jacket to match his bride. Complemented the vibrant shades of pink in his bride’s attire as well as the decor with a soft pink embroidered kurta and Bandi jacket set. ’s pearlescent pink and white sherwani perfectly complemented his bride’s baby blue ensemble.

Ones that incorporate a blend of spandex may also provide some stretch for optimal comfort and mobility. Most importantly, bring your suit to a reputable tailor to ensure a custom fit—trust us, it goes a long way! It not only looks polished and elevated, but it will allow you to be the most comfortable on the big day. Lastly and most notably, think wisely about the shade of pink chosen. We suggest starting by considering your own skin tone and which hue complements you best.