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20 Messy Bun Hat Crochet Patterns

I have tons of creativity in me… was blessed go learn from my Grammy at age 8… old school style.. I’m not sure if I made my stitches too tight, but I made the child size and it doesn’t fit my daughter, it’s way to tight and small. I don’t have a gauge listed because I already tried on the hat several times and it wouldn’t be an accurate measurement. Plus, I noticed my gauge was a lot looser this time around than I first time I made it . The yarn I used for this project though it very stretchy and forgiving. Your elastic will be VERY crowded with stitches and will be wavy.

Worsted refers to how think a yarn is 🙂 Worsted is pretty normal, chunky is thicker. On a ball of yarn, worsted is usually referred to crochet beginner supplies as a 4, I believe. It’s perfect for those cool days when you want to wear your hair up, but also want to keep your ears toasty warm.

But when you go to print out rows 3 & 4 do not print out. Just thought you might want to know. Even though I do my best to get the sizing perfect depending on the amount of hair you have you may need to add a few rounds to this hat. This Basketweave Messy Bun Hat will keep you warm and in style no matter where you need to go and what is your morning routine. Crochet it in any color to match your winter clothes. I do not at this time, but that is definitely a pattern I can add to the list.

The texture of the hat comes from using the grit stitch. This is an alternating pattern of double crochet and single crochet stitches that work together to create a lush texture for the hat. I love your messy bun pattern and it is very easy to follow. I was wondering if you have the v stitch in a full beanie pattern also? I have very short hair but my daughters have long. Were you able to figure out the sizing for a child?

I like to put my hand through the bun hole and pull my hair through the hole before fixing the beanie over my head. I love the v-stitch, but it definitely has A LOT of stretch. I made the adult size for my college girl, but it was way too big. I ended up continuing with the 18 clusters for the entire hat and it’s a great fit.

Thanks for sharing here Materials to make hat and also video which is very easy to understand. Now I would definitely trying to making this hat. Fluff the petals and attach to the hat. You will also need knowledge of front post and back post double crochet stitches. Over 11,000 people purchased the pattern on Etsy alone and they got to working making this design the most popular messy bun hat in the marketplace.

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