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20 Unique Wedding Table Name Ideas Ditch the boring name cards

Whether you use yours to enhance your theme, or create yours based on memories or some of your favourite things, there’s no right or wrong way to name your tables. Taking up our post dealing with the wedding seating plan, more and more couples nowadays are nature-friendly and care about environmental issues along with sustainability. Choose cities you’ve visited together, have lived in or have significance to you as a couple. Like the city you got engaged, your first out of the country trip together, had a special date, reached a milestone and/or the city where you met. Will you be naming your tables or giving them numbers?

It’s well known that a great part of our everyday routine revolves around preparing and eating meals. As taught by Gordon Ramsay, several are the famous cooking TV shows that confirm this habit. If you really can’t do without a sporting reference on your wedding day, assign each table a captain which will act as your wedding table name.

You could pick the people in your wedding party, or perhaps those close to you who couldn’t be there. Use their photographs to decorate the name card and perhaps include a thank you or a special memory on the back to give it a personal touch. Could give you some useful tips about choosing your wedding theme. In fact, the choice of your wedding table names happens to be often inspired by the overall theme! If you don’t have one, the first piece of advice is taking into account your passions, job, interests and hobbies as a couple.

You could include the song you walked down the aisle to and your first dance song. If you have lived in a few different places in the UK or you are both from different towns or cities then why not name your tables after these special places in your life? We love these personalised wooden table names from Postbox Party. Name your tables after some of your favourite herbs using these personalised table names from Sophia Victoria Joy. You could even include your named herb as part of the centrepiece for that table to give a fragrant finish. Your Wedding Table Names are the ideal way to bring a little bit of personality to your big day.

These could include your baby pictures, your first date, your engagement pictures, etc. Addresses of homes you’ve lived in together or of great significance to you. Show the story of your relationship through milestones in your lives both apart and also together.

Perhaps anniversaries, birthdays or days that are special to you that would be ideal for your table names. If you meet at uni or have been to multiple colleges or work in a university, then naming your tables after universities can be a lovely touch. How about sightseeing destinations in your favourite city? You could use train stations or even street names for a really personal touch. You could use numbers that mean something to you, such as the number of dates you’ve been on or how many trips you’ve been on together. Be sure to add an explanation for your guests too, it’s such a romantic idea.

Whether you solely pick players from his favourite team or just his favourite players in the world, this is probably one that the male wedding guests are going to appreciate most. Don’t just state your love for one another in English, name your tables with the word for love in all sorts of different languages. We actually have a whole blog onhow to say I love you in different languagesthat is perfect for this. Plus, it saves you the hassle of finding all the translations yourself. There’s something quite majestic about the names given to huge bodies of water.

Skip the traditional numbers in favor of these personalized music group names ideas to showcase your unique style. Do you have a box of ticket stubs from all the fun gigs and events you’ve attended together? These could be the basis of some lovely wedding stationery. The stubs could be recreated into personalised table centre pieces to celebrate your favourite artists. Cue another chance for some romantic stories to make your guests swoon. Think of the most obscure places you’ve had a smooch and tell the story of those moments throughout you wedding table names.