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Each one I walked in was like walking into my own. The lights were on and the AC was blowing cold and it was just remarkable! I was even given a golf cart to ride around on without a salesman to tag along! Guys, this was simply the best way to end the search for a new RV. To give a more comprehensive understanding about the meaning of the word ‘bangsat‘, we provide you some sentences which contain the word ‘bangsat‘ in it.

You use this expression when you feel annoyed that something happened to you. So by category, this cursing word is also considered ‘mild’ or not as profane as the rest in this list. This will depend on how the curse words are used and who the words are addressed to.

In this sentence, the word ‘bangsat‘ is used with the word ‘bodoh‘ or stupid to make the word has harsher meaning and will be a worse insult toward the person. Similar with English, Bahasa Indonesia also commonly uses two swearing words to intensify the insult or expressing anger. According to KBBI, ‘bangsat‘ means bedbug or disgusting louse.

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We came across MHS on several search sites and found a great variety of coaches to suit our needs and the prices were amazing. So we knew that by making Texas our destination we could come and look at a large variety of coaches at the one place. Now that you know most of swear words in Indonesia, I hope you can use them wisely. Manufacturer changes and/or options may alter floor plan of unit for sale. As a retired Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps, I appreciate professionalism and MHS excels in every aspect.

From the example above, the speaker is confronting someone who the speaker accuses for stealing the money. The word ‘bangsat‘ is used to call the accused person by the speaker for stealing money. In this context, ‘bangsat‘ has the same meaning as the swearing word, scum or crook, in English. I can’t thank you guys enough for my experience in purchasing a new RV. Everyone was extremely nice and very diligent in helping me through the process. Doing this all on line was scary in the beginning but when I arrived at your dealership I realized I was dealing with professionals and not just a dealer.

I am certain that after experiencing their hospitality and professionalism you will complete your purchase with them too. However, among the words above, most Indonesians would agree that bangsat and bajingan are the most offensive words if used to curse people. Looking for cute usernames based on name Bunksat? On this page you can find the random username generator with the presets related to Bunksat. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.