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2016 beer festival calendar for craft beer festivals in the U S.

Taking place on Labor Day weekend, this 1 day event features brews from members of the Massachusetts Brewery Guild. Each festival typically takes place over a Friday and Saturday night at their Boston or Vermont breweries. Food Truck Festivals of America is coming back to Quincy, MA for the 2nd Annual Quincy Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival at Pageant Field in Merrymount Park. We’ll be bringing you more than 20 of the best local food trucks in New England. The site was launched to promote beer, and that we still do even though we are now a beer-centric site.

I also noticed trends in terms of which beers were brought and which flavors, adjuncts, and aging techniques were employed. Every year is a bit different, leading me to think about how the changes in what brewers bring to this festival are related to the trends we see in the craft beer industry in general every year. I feel like, in some ways, we can use EBF as a predictor of what we can expect to see in the beer world. Of course, I was drinking when I noticed these things, so take them with a grain of salt. Beer festivals all over Europe are in full swing as Munich’s Frühlingfest, Scotland’s Paisley Beer Festival and the Czech Republic’s Czech Beer Festival have already passed.

A new friend and I were fortunate enough to attend and see the event for the first time. Okay, now, it’s very possible that I didn’t assess this in the most scientific sense. But anecdotally, I definitely feel like I saw a larger number of women attending EBF this year than in year’s past. I really hope that’s the case; craft beer and beer geek-centric activities have been pretty lopsided for a while. Big Beer seems to focus on attracting males with their marketing (in case you didn’t see the Super Bowl commercial this year), and anything we can do to break the stereotype that women don’t drink beer is a win. The only thing that might change is breweries will maybe sell more beer overall, because hopefully they’ll start marketing to everyone.

The 50-plus breweries partaking in Mikkeller’s beer party will be pouring four selections each over the course of the weekend. Many of the recipes are one-of-a-kind that were created just for the CBC Boston. Clearly, brewers are having fun experimenting with cocktail flavors. It’s a natural extension of flavoring beer with wood, wine, or other fruits, as has been done for years.

You have to be very careful when you’re entering a beer competition. The competition is supposed to be about creativity, and the best entries are supposed to be those that stand out the most. But sometimes the competition is about making money, selling your company, or making sure you make the best product. And if you’re not careful you can denver beer festival 2015 end up with a website that is just a marketing gimmick in order to make a quick buck. It’s so nice to see the community of people who like to talk about and look at the site. The ones who are interested in the site, the ones who are looking to do stuff, and the ones who are trying to get in on the action all seem to be the same people.