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3 Genius Hairstyle Ideas for the Half Curly, Half Straight Hair Phenomenon

But overusing them damages the hair’s protective layers, causing strands to deviate from their natural texture. Furthermore, when the average person uses heat tools, they usually spend more time straightening the top layer of the hair to ensure it looks perfect. Heat styling tools are great to give your different hair textures temporarily. You can curl your hair with curling rods or straighten them with straighteners. But when you keep treating your hair frequently, damage in the form of altered texture occurs. Be sure that you choose hair products made for curly hair.

Below, they detail the best techniques and products to use when you want your styled curls to have some staying power. From light conditioners and hot tools to a “cradling” technique, keep scrolling for the answers that you’ve been looking for. Ahead, two hairstylists share how to make straight hair curly.

Avoid straightening your hair as much as you can to protect your curls from heat damage. Wash your hair with natural shampoos that are free of sulfate to prevent them from being leached of the natural oils and drying out. These big, loose curls follow a definite S-shaped pattern and each curl is about as thick as a piece of sidewalk chalk. People with 3a hair type face the problem of having too much frizz and their curls losing definition. Wide toothed combs work the best when it comes to detangling wavy hair without disrupting its curly pattern.

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First I started with Dr. Barry Starr, a geneticist at Stanford University. He told me most people’s hair doesn’t change from straight to curly. “Every seven to 10 years, my hair tends to change texture, going from straight to wavy to curly,” says Kimberly Fasting-Berg, a marketing hair dye keeps bleeding executive in New York City. Curly hair is influenced by the result of your genetics, your hair style, the products you use, and even how long your hair is. As you age, your hair can become less curly due to hair loss or get even curlier due to hormonal changes.