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3 Steps to Take Ownership of a Facebook Business Page

Proceed to the Facebook administration method. All other documentation supporting your request including a declaration from legal counsel on transfer of Page ownership rights, if applicable. It’s integral to the effectiveness of any company’s social media presence in today’s digital world but Facebook Business Manager can be tricky to navigate. When it gets blocked or you lose access to your Facebook page, advertising manager, commerce manager, Instagram account or shop, the effects can be devastating.

Note that you can only merge pages if they are related and if you are an admin of both pages. Claiming Facebook pages means taking control of the page. You can do this by sending in a request to Facebook. Free Live Training Join a live training and Q&A session with our team to see how INK can benefit your team. Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand.

This is essential so that management of the page is fully in your hands. Facebook allows Recommendations only for Pages that have not only provided a physical location but chose to display a map within their applications. If you deselect the check box to display the map, the Recommendations box disappears. A pop-up window asks you to verify that you’re an official representative of the physical location.

Visit the page and click the gear icon to see settings and options. In this menu, click “report page.” Under report reason, check “Is this your intellectual property? ” You will need to fill out a form reporting the violation.

For example, “I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided is true and accurate”. Your statement should include similar words. warframe salvage farm 1) A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID. This could be a driver’s license or passport, of the individual signing the statement.

The address on the document must match that of your business or organization. Once you’ve successfully claimed or merged your unmanaged Facebook page, you’ll want to look into optimizing your Facebook page for success. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool when properly utilized. Small businesses should take the time to check to see that they have control of all of their Facebook pages and to make sure they are active on the platform with a well organized page.

If a hacker has tricked you into releasing your page to him and later removed you and every other admin from your page, you can still regain access to it with Facebook’s help. Select an option, then click Continue to start the recovery process. If it’s unclaimed, you’ll see an “Unofficial Page” tag, showing the page has no owner. If not, the page is not available. See, it’s not only you; many people have also searched for, “how to recover my Facebook page.” The process should normally take about 72 hours for your application to be reviewed and with any luck, you’ll have rights to your page again. A declaration that the information you have provided is true and accurate (e.g. “I certify that the information provided is true and accurate”) – your statement must include similar language.

As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity. The account you own is your Business Manager account. Owners of the business would be thrilled to have this option. Followers, likes, check-ins, and reviews of the duplicate page will move to your verified Facebook business page.

Go to Facebook and search for your business name. \nYou don’t need to be on a smartphone to do this step. Can I advertise my Place the same way I advertise my Page? Click “I want to advertise something I have on Facebook” in the ad-creation flow and choose your Place from the drop-down menu. If your business has already been added to Facebook Places, you can skip this step.