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4 Best Air Hockey Table Costco of 2022 MSN Guide: Top Brands, Reviews & Prices

Many have details like wood veneer and attractive bases, and some feature more than one game. Some tables are equipped with digital scoring that tracks every goal made from start to finish. Others come with a manual scoring tool, like an abacus or a whiteboard.

Read on for our recommendations, plus things to consider before you shop. Because the rink walls face repeated impact when you play, look for ones made from high-density aluminum or nylon. Similarly, the playfield should be coated with a wear-resistant laminate to increase durability. Not the cheapest out there, but quality seems good and the size is large enough for 4 players.

It’s more for kids because the size of the goal is a bit small, playing 2v2 with 4 adults, the score will stay very low, it’s easy to protect your net. The Consumer Post recommends shoppers use Capital One Shopping’s free browser add-on when shopping online this Black Friday. It’s free to use for everyone and instantly applies available coupon codes to shopping carts at checkout. Their lightweight browser add-on also allows shoppers to gain exclusive rewards while shopping online, then redeem those rewards for gift cards. Capital One Shopping compensates The Consumer Post when the browser extension is installed using the link provided.

Smaller and beginner players will have different needs than adults and professionals. It’s relatively lightweight at only 19 pounds and features a 100-watt motor and puck dispenser, plus it comes with two strikers and two pucks. There are 4-inch levelers at the base and hockey accessories include two pushers and three pucks. The ping-pong surface comes with a net and posts, two balls, and two paddles. An air hockey table constructed from high-quality materials will provide you with years of game play.

Not everyone has space for the full-size table, however, which is why air hockey tables also come in smaller sizes ranging from 4–7.5 feet long. This makes it easier for you to find a game table that fits your space. Whichever size you choose, make sure you have at least 36 inches of clearance on both ends—this is how much space you’ll want to have full range of movement when you play.

For young kids, maybe opt for something smaller and portable for traveling on the go. “The motor that powers an air hockey table should be a high output UL approved motor that will provide smooth consistent airflow while running quietly,” according to MacIntosh. Finding a consistent airflow is key for ease of playing and running quietly is a bonus. This air hockey table comes with two strikers, two pucks, and a carrying bag. We appreciate the reasonable price tag, and to make you feel even more confident, Puck Calix backs your purchase with a lifetime warranty.

The game provides all the accessories and equipment you need, including two strikers, three pucks, two ping-pong balls, two posts, two paddles, and a net. While the surface is prone to scratches after time, you can’t beat this two-for-one deal that satisfies every kind of player. Though it’s on the bigger side for a home air hockey table, users say this pick from MD Sports was incredibly easy to build for even one person . The playing table boasts a scratch-resistant surface, perfect for rough play.

If you are really serious about saving on shopping and want to save as much as possible, you should carefully follow all the latest weekly flyers featured on our website. Some air hockey tables are very basic with manual scoring, while others have bells and whistles for an added cost. Lastly, check that the legs are constructed from solid wood or steel; this is what your air hockey table will need to have adequate support for long-term use. Choosing a model with leg levelers also helps ensure you can maintain a level playfield no matter where you place the game table.

Buying an air hockey table is a great investment for any game room. It can provide hours of fun for players of regulation air hockey table all ages—from kids to seasoned pros. Not every type of player wants the same kind of air hockey table, though.

We kept a range of ages, abilities, and budgets in mind when making our air hockey table selections. We also looked for high-quality products that would suit different space and design needs. We reviewed hundreds of products ourselves and consulted expert assessments and read through thousands of consumer reviews before making our final choices.