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40 Photos That Will Convince You to Finally Get Goddess Braids

If you feel like you’ll miss your locks, you don’t need to braid all the way down. Curly strands look extra stunning with this look. You have successfully goddess braided your hair! Now, let’s jump into all the awesome ways you can style them.

A color like this will really warm up your look for the fall and winter. Recreate this easy to wear hairstyle or you can try shorter braids. Need a glamorous hairstyle for a special occasion? If so, this could be just what you are looking for. Here we have jumbo goddess box braids that are styled up into a gorgeous updo with lots of curls.

Wearing cornrows is no longer exclusively fashionable for black women. Hairstylist Guido Palau even incorporated the look into Valentino’s 2015 Paris Fashion Week show by having the models all wear cornrows. To make the hair sleeker, Lynda flat irons the ends of the braids on low heat. She then braids the individual braids into three large braids and runs her flatiron over the giant braids to set them. However, she also shared that she never dipped her hair in hot water. Some hairdressers use nail glue at the ends of each braid to prevent unraveling.

Truly one of the most wonderful ways to have a lovely, spontaneous style is to mix up the thickness level of your braids. From thin to downright fat, African goddess braids bring hair onto a whole new playing field. 4 goddess braids can make for a beautiful Mohawk.

LipsticknCurls admits that she had to rebraid a few of her braids. But she also shares that she didn’t dip the hair in hot water. These two goddess braids are the ultimate expression of convenience and style. You achieve a quick and stylish protective ‘do for any occasion.

Be mindful of blending in your hair with the braided hair if your natural hair is a different color than the extensions. This hairstyle dust in hairbrush can last up to two to three months with good care and a perimeter refresh. Girl, it’s time for you to look like a Grecian goddess!

Next, we have beautiful and accessorized goddess braids. These braids are long and the curls used are stunning. Some of the braids are also decorated with gold cords and gold cuffs. This is such a pretty hair idea and it will look amazing on everyone.

I’ve found over the last few weeks that the sentence, “I’ve never had my hair braided before,” really cues the face crack of the century. People are shocked and appalled that I waited twenty-six years of life to have my hair in a protective style. Like so many experiences within the Black community, getting your hair done is a moment to bond, share, and even exhale. So, I think picturing life without a chunk of that connection is hard for people to imagine. I’m not really sure, but after these goddess box braids, I’m never going back. As a general rule, you’ll need anywhere from 5 to 7 packs of synthetic braiding hair.

These side parted goddess braids are a thing of beauty by themselves. But the highlight of this gorgeous style has to be the braided bun at the back that adds an elegant flair to this whole look. When going for a protective style, you don’t always have to go for a head full of braids.