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40Pcs Blank Wooden Wooden Keychain Diy Wooden Keychain Key Tag Anti Lost Wood Accessories Gift Mixed Key Chains

It is a very simple task and you could create few pieces in stock to give as gifts or for personal uses. You can make your usual beaded keychain a little more interesting by adding wood monograms. Your keys will look better with these DIY keychains.

Using the Mod Podge, brush a layer on top of the painted circle. Place the craft paper on top and then brush another aveda institue layer over that. I can’t believe the time has already arrived for backpacks, school supplies, and the end of summer.

Resin finishing can give it an expert touch. You are ready with the most amazing keychain pattern. It is so flawless and beautiful that it doesn’t even look like a craft project. If you are a fan of beads and boho vibe, then this is what you need. Being a fan of Lego, I am in love with this DIY keychain display!

Engrave your own designs, or use paint, stickers, and paint to customize for any occasion of arts and crafts project. Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, DIYs.com is inspired by unique yet replicable ideas. Look how adorable these tiny wooden keychains are! Mod Podge Rocksgives us this idea because of its ease of design. You can do some much on these little foundation pieces.

I am loving this geometric DIY puzzle piece keychain. It is a unique and truly one-of-a-kind work of art. This one is actually a good Valentine’s day gift for your other half. These stunning keepsake keychains are not just beautiful but also meaningful.