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5 Full Sized Luxury Air Hockey Tables For Pro Play at Home

For the genuine air hockey player, nothing is more important than having an arcade-style air hockey table within your home. However, this is not attainable by many because not everyone has the money nor the space to accommodate this. Buying an air hockey table is a great roku micro sd card investment for any game room. It can provide hours of fun for players of all ages—from kids to seasoned pros. Not every type of player wants the same kind of air hockey table, though. This air hockey table buyer’s guide will help you decide which type is right for you.

While on the other hand, a smaller table can be advantageous for a number of reasons. First, it allows players to move quickly and easily around the table. Second, it provides less cover for opponents, making them easier to hit.

Thin, laminated aluminum side rails are far less durable than solid aluminum or thick nylon rink walls. These superior rails also offer lively rebound and durability you won’t find in cheaper models. When comparing tables, remember that the brands we carry are built to last and designed to deliver fun for years to come. An air hockey table is a great choice for hours of classic sports! West State Billiards and Gamerooms offers a wide selection of game tables to choose from.

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Be that as it may, in case you’re anticipating placing it in an extra room, you may acknowledge purchasing this full-sized nine by five-foot air hockey table was a colossal slip-up. The table is quite large, and will quickly take up a great deal of the room, leaving barely enough space for the occupants of the room. When browsing air hockey tables, you’ll notice how widely varied they all are in appearance.

We can’t say that we particularly recommend this one over any of the Gold Standard Games tables. Having played on tables from both brands, we can confidently say you’re going to be getting top quality from either or. Speaking of length, it really matters how much room you have to devote to an air hockey table considering that these can go from 3 feet to 10 feet in length. If you have a whole recreational room and are an air hockey enthusiast then go all out and get yourself a full sized one. The smaller tables heights would depend on the over all dimensions of the playing surface and its purpose. If it is for kids, then the height of the air hockey table would not be as great as it is for an adult table.

Arcade tables are the most abused but also the sturdiest because they have to endure several sessions of play. They are also the most expensive so you need to make sure your intended air hockey table size is a long-lasting and valuable investment. Though it’s on the bigger side for a home air hockey table, users say this pick from MD Sports was incredibly easy to build for even one person . The playing table boasts a scratch-resistant surface, perfect for rough play. Thanks to a 120V-certified motor, the airflow stays consistent and makes for a smooth game with no interruptions. A large, digital LED screen lets players and viewers easily keep tabs on scores, plus fun sound effects keep all engaged throughout the game.

Size is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your air hockey table. It depends entirely on your budget and the type of setup you have for your air hockey room, whether it’s a rec room or a simple living room or even your bedroom. Any higher and the players would have a hard time reaching to cover their territory. Of course, some common sense needs to be applied as you do not want to big of holes or they might interfere with game play and the smooth movement of the puck. The 8 foot size is the size for all leagues, tournaments and professional play. They do not allow for the smaller full size versions to be used in their officially sanctioned games.

In this case, we think you’ll appreciate the 1960s-esque Midtown table from Hathaway Games. Constructed from medium-density fiberboard with a cherrywood laminate finish and a thermoplastic pitch, it’s the perfect balance of retro, chic, and sporty. We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. A simple addition of one more strategically placed fan would make the air circulation extremely more fluid for the pucks, but we didn’t have that much of an issue.”

Although size and weight are going to be reflective of each other, having the right size is important for different reasons. On the flip side, if the puck is too small for the table and mallets, scoring is going to be far too easy. This occurs when the power of the blowers on the table goes beyond the pucks they were designed for. It could also be an issue if you’ve got mallets or goalies that are too heavy. There are lightweight pucks and handles available for kids to use easily. When it comes to adults you are going to want heavier pucks otherwise when you hit it the force can make it go flying in the air and possibly cause some damage.