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5 Tips to Lighten Dyed Hair That Came Out Too Dark

You can use a shower cap to keep everything contained and sealed in. Chemical methods typically used in salons are the most effective and give you more control over the finished result. The more heat you apply to your hair while it has the spray in it, the lighter brown hair in the sun your hair will become. Be careful not to melt the plastic of the shower cap, and never use the hair dryer in the shower. Micellar shampoo can help clarify your hair without stripping it of moisture. These are eight of the best micellar shampoos for all hair types.

Instead, you should look for toning shampoos and conditioners that can control the undertone of your hair without turning it another color. Cheeseman loves the Matrix Total Results line, which includes blue and violet shampoos and conditioners. DpHue’s Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner is another favorite duo of hers.

Chemical processing and shampooing impact cortisol measured in human hair. Bleaching uses alkaline chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to break down the melanin in the cortex of your hair. You wanted rich, chocolatey-brown hair, but have ended up with jet-black locks that’d make your inner 14-year-old goth-wannabe self very smug. The 27-year-old you that has a 9am meeting with her boss tomorrow morning, not so much. “It goes without saying, but explain that you want a more natural-looking ombre” says Mitra.

Usually, the problem that’s bothering you only requires a quick fix, and most salons won’t charge you for color correction. Then the panic sets in—you’ve got a good 15 to 20 minutes until the blow-dryer stops, and you’ll be forced to speak. You know your colorist will be expecting gratitude and enthusiasm, but you hate what you’re looking at. A professional hair colorist understands all this and would ask the right questions to give you the right result. They may also try a color remover to strip some of the color out of your hair.

This is because the water will cause the color to fade slightly each time. A bleach bath with shampoo is a great way to lighten hair that has been dyed too dark. It is a more gentle way to lighten the hair than bleaching and can be easily done at home. Color remover is a product that can be used to lighten hair dye that is too dark.

Mix one part white vinegar with one part hot water in a container you can easily pour from. Make sure there’s enough to coat your hair completely. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 303,308 times.

If you have ever gotten your hair dyed before, you probably know the common rule that you are not to wash your hair for the first 24 hours. This is because the dye is still settling in your hair and the strands are still closing. However, if you do want to dump some of your color, the first day is the best time to do it.

If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Victoria Jowett is the Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan UK overseeing all the skincare, hair, makeup and fragrance content across print, digital and video. Hope is not lost though, “sections of your hair will naturally grow at different speeds, so this should help to break up any harsh colour lines”. You wanted a few subtle babylights, instead, you got super-stripy, chunky highlights painted across your parting. A common concern for all the blondies out there, hair can quickly become yellow and barbie-like, especially if your using the wrong products. The ultraviolet rays can help to fade the color of your hair.

Remember that your colorist wants you happy, and if something is wrong, then you should definitely go back and get it fixed. Whatever the reason may be, there are ways to lighten up dark hair color if you don’t like the results you get. All in all, the only surefire way to avoid all of these box dye mistakes is to not use one. If your box-dye mistake is a minor one or you’re still on the fence about trying a box dye in quarantine, heed her advice. If you ultimately like the dye shade you’ve tried but need to even it out, you’ll need to wait for a while before doing anything else to your hair. “To make even tones throughout the hair, you must create an even canvas from the start,” Tang explains.