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7 Best Hair Dryer Brushes of 2022 Top Hot Air Brushes

The longer your hair, the larger the brush should be. Also, a larger hair brush will produce a straighter result; a smaller brush will lead to a tighter curl. As you dry, direct each section in the opposite how to fix frizzy silk press direction for more lift at the roots. Then release it and keep your hands off until it’s completely cool. You can also create a barrel-shaped curl while your hair is still warm and clip it into place.

For example, someone with fine hair wouldn’t want to grab a heavier, oil-based protectant, she says. “Always ask your stylist what type they recommend for your hair.” Deconstructing the process, All Things Hair reveals how to create perfect, poker-straight strands with just a hairdryer. You’ll be wearing the bouncy blow dry short of your dreams in no time.

Then once done, you can put the blow dryer on high heat and continue to blow dry it, till desired straightness. If your arm gets tired from pulling hair round and round, snag this rotating pick that does the work for you. The smaller-than-average 1 ½-inch barrel is perfect for shorter styles, and the spinning mechanism rotates in two directions to create natural-looking curls and waves on dry hair in between washes.

Unfortunately, ANY amount of heat is damaging to hair, so using a blow dryer every day is a bad idea. Daily heat exposure can ruin hair by stripping the hair’s natural oils, drying out the cuticle and causing breakage and frizz. This type of brush is ideal for creating fullness and body when drying hair.

If you have thick or coarse hair, use the hottest setting on your drying. If your hair texture is medium or fine, use the medium heat setting. Using the full-speed heat option , direct the heat towards your roots, where you want the most volume.

You want to make your blowout to last as long as possible to maximize your hair straightening efforts. In the Internet era, we can learn to do lots of things ourselves that were previously left to the pros. From contouring to at-home laser hair removal, there’s almost nothing you can’t pick up from watching a few YouTube tutorials.

Run your fingers through the hair to blend the sections properly. If you want to add volume to your bangs, blow dry them, hold for some time, and release. Here’s another trick that will revive your blowout quickly. If you wake up on day three or four and your blowout has lost its shape, grab your round brush and blow dryer and go back through your dry hair, section by section, just as you did when it was wet. The heat from the dryer will restore the shape and remove any bumps or creases that may have formed. Blow drying your hair with a ceramic or boar bristle round brush gives you the biggest boost for your buck.