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7 Thanksgiving Hairstyles That Are So Quick and Easy

Meet the cutest lil protective Thanksgiving hairstyle of all time. The most important steps for recreating this look? Detangling your hair with an ultra-hydrating cream and sectioning it off into manageable pieces. Use the two-strand use me hair 4 twist method to wrap your hair into knots and smooth your baby hairs with edge control. Half-up hairstyles are super trendy this year, and guess what? It’s so easy to twist your hair into a romantic half-updo with minimal work.

No matter what option you choose, a ponytail should never take more than 10 minutes to do. This option is nice if you are the one preparing food as it will keep your hair completely out of your face and out of your way. If you are wanting to wear your hair down, but need to keep some of your hair off your face, then a half up hairstyles is a great option.

Either way, it’s a fun day to switch up your hair or revamp an old style. With that in mind, we have rounded up six of our favorite hairdos for you to try this holiday. (Also, don’t worry, if you are a beginner, or short on time, we have some fun styles for you, to check out too).

Form the top into a twist or pompadour shape and secure with more pins. Those with braids aren’t limited to strictly wearing their hair down. “Use fingers to create individual pieces starting at mid-shaft and pulling away from the head, creating a chunky look,” says Coronado. Secure hair into a high ponytail, being sure not to keep things too perfect .

The look also requires a curl cream and a diffuser attachment for your blowdryer to create extra shine and definition. The look is essentially a messy bun with a chunky headband added and some teasing at the back. I love her bangs but this would also work well with all-over long hair. Also, for even more hairstyles, be sure to see our guides to the best hairstyles for short hair and our favorite hairstyles for work . The best part is, you do not need to be a professional hairstylist to pull these off!

Choose the accessory that suits the type of gathering you are attending. Have some fun with this, and don’t forget to share your styles with us on Instagram @ilesformula_hair. If you have a pixie cut this style will work great for Thanksgiving hairstyles because it’s quick and simple. I love having short hair on holidays because it makes me feel festive without being too dressed up. Look and feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel with this long and loose Thanksgiving hairstyle.