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80 Famous And Historical Sword Names

Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn are three legendary swords key to the plot of the trilogy. If you have one or more Japanese swords in your collection, do you give them names? You are certainly allowed, and encouraged to do it. You should decide what idea male breton names or image you want your pieces to convey and come up with great-sounding Japanese sword names for each of them. Use the ideas above and you will be well on your way to finding the cool-sounding names that are meant to belong to your swords.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below. As with regular chat messages, custom names are scanned for potential swear words and—if necessary—filtered. Attempting to circumvent this will result in a punishment. Requests will only be checked irregularly, please contact the staff team via Discord for a faster response. This fabled rapier has belonged to many a tricksy denizen of the feywild, and the current bearer can use the sword to lure them out in times of need. The blade of a freedom fighter, always polished to a mirror shine in anticipation of the next tyrant to cross its path.

In a fit of pique one day, he flayed a horse and threw its body into a weaving loom before excreting on the floor of the palace. He was exiled for this act and found himself in Izumo province. Virtually every culture has tales of heroes and gods that have done battle with insurmountable foes — and they each had a suitable weapon.

But in fact, the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi got its name after a warrior swung it in desperation. The warrior was dealing with an corrupt samurai in a grassy field of a war zone. Said samurai ignited the field and dispatched the warrior’s horse, leaving him with nowhere to go but to be burnt up by the encroaching blaze that had encircled him.

Weapon Names are available for swords, bows, and axes. They are not currently available for tools, such as pickaxes and shovels. A rapier for the adventurer who favours striking from the shadows. The precise blade cuts through the air without a sound, leaving less perceptive enemies in the mud before they can even cry out. A well-named sword can strike fear in the minds of enemies, or hope in the hearts of the oppressed.

There is no simple way to decrease this number or minimize them into a few categories. The article looks at some of the most famous swords in the world today. Swords have earned their place in the real world and, more so, the fantasy world.